Tennis Anywear: The most beautiful sports couture in the world


This sustainable sports couture brand is perfect for the active woman who leads her best life.

Tennis and golf for women have evolved over the years – and so have the fashion choices made by women players. Now they can enjoy a mix of fashion and function with Tennis Anywear, a new sustainable clothing brand for women in tennis and golf. The idea of ​​starting a sports couture brand came about when its founder Erin Rouse, a golfer and tennis player, saw the need for beautiful and flattering, court-approved, multifunctional outfits that integrate seamlessly into everyday life and are fun and are easy to carry. Because women aren’t finished after the game.

According to the Tennis Industry Association (2017), the most important consideration that would encourage women to play tennis more often is “more time”. Because of this, Tennis Anywear has removed the barriers that cause tennis players time and inconvenience by offering ready-made outfits with built-in bras, matching shorts and external ball pockets. The brand has also made sure to hit the sweet spot in the skirt length so that women feel comfortable wearing their tennis outfit anywhere and at the same time remain functional for full freedom of movement on the tennis court. This allows women to get dressed quickly, go anywhere, and save time to live life on their own terms.

With Tennis Anywear, tennis and golf players experience couture quality beyond sportswear. You will love how they look all day without having to worry about changing outfits for different events. Whether it’s breaking a serve or a dinner date, women have an advantage in every phase of the game. And women not only stand out with stunning style with full sports functionality, they also reduce pollution by wearing sustainable sportswear. Healthy environment – healthy people: “People who play tennis three hours a week (at moderate intensity) cut their risk of death in half from whatever cause” (Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger, Harvard University School of Public Health).

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About Tennis Anywear

Tennis Anywear is a new sustainable women’s tennis and golf apparel company founded by a golfer and tennis player who believed that women’s tennis apparel could be so much more. His designs are the result of countless hours of planning, prototype tests, professional advice and skillful implementation in order to create the ideal in hybrid fashion and function.

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Company Name: Tennis clothing
Interlocutor: Erin Rouse, Director of Tennis Anywear
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Country: United States


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