That’s why Oahu Golf Apparel encourages kids to play golf


Promote healthy social development by making golf more accessible and fun

As a country that attracts thousands of golfers from Israel and the UK every year to spread our appeal to other European nations and interested parties, Cyprus can look to an exciting golf brand in the US as a shining example of how to do more golf ”funny, funky and inclusive“As discussed in a recent news article.

Involving children in golf from a young age could prepare them for success in all areas of life. Golf can make kids more physically active in a safe environment, but the benefits go beyond physical fitness. Benefits of which Tim Hazelgrove, founder of Oahu golf apparel (OGA) is aware of this. “Oh man. There are so many reasons. It instills integrity. Golf is a great way to build friendships. You learn so much. I mean, there are so many lessons in golf: respect, honesty, like I said, integrity, you build relationships, friendships … golf is an honor system. “

Everyone, especially children, needs physical activity to stay healthy. A task that is becoming increasingly difficult in this modern era of on-demand video games and social media. Junior golf programs have a special place in OGA’s policy. To make the sport more accessible, the clothing company donates up to 30 pieces of equipment each month to programs that support junior golf on the island of Hawaii.

“We’re about giving kids the confidence to go out and play,” said Hazelgrove in a recent interview, and continued, “We support the kid who comes last in tournaments, as well as the kid who comes first Position is. “We sponsor. Every child deserves encouragement, so we insist that the clothes we give away are shared with more children at junior events. “

Aside from the physical benefits, exercise brings many social benefits. Learning to feel good about yourself, as well as working with others and learning how to build relationships, can come from playing golf.

Maintain friendships

The nature of golf seems to encourage children to connect and make friends. This could be because golf can be played at a calm pace and the conversation can generally be continued without any problems during the game.

“It’s an outlet. You can get her out of the house, get a little more active. All these kids are stuck at computers these days, playing video games, ”said Mr. Hazelgrove.

This opinion is corroborated by several research studies, which argued that spending too much time playing video games could replace social activities and affect connectivity with family, friends, and important others. For this reason, exercise is advocated to promote healthy social development in children.

Working alone and with a partner

Golf is more versatile than most sports and can be played in a number of different ways. It can be played alone or with partners or in small groups or even as a team sport. As a team sport, it promotes relationship building and healthy competition. As an individual sport, it can encourage children to be more comfortable on their own. Golf is one of the few sports where all players have equal rights. A 14 year old girl could play next to a much older adult and both could have the same playing skills.

Builds business skills

Decision-making skills, etiquette, dealing with numbers, planning and applying strategies are highly valued in the business and work world. Fortunately, these skills are taught through golf. As a very technical game, it encourages kids to use math skills by looking for angles and holding the score while putting. It encourages strategy development as the goal of golf is to end each round with as few strokes as possible and sometimes innovative solutions are required to deal with a tricky slope or tree that gets in the way.

A few last words

Oahu Golf Apparel’s efforts to make golf more accessible, especially to children, have not gone unnoticed. Since the company was founded in 2016, Tim Hazelgrove has represented Oahu Golf Apparel at every Sony Open and distributed clothing from its colorful range. Access to clothing keeps costs low for young players, but the colorful prints also encourage individuality.

Each design is unique and can be used as a talking point on many occasions. Encouraged by the bold designs, children may find it easier to reach out to each other and make new friends, which builds trust.


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