The 2021 Golf Vacation Gift Guide has something for every golfer in your life.

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Golf Apparel

It’s the holiday season and the most anticipated golf gift guide is back. I present you the Guide to Valentine’s Day 2021 Golf Gifts for Golfers®.

As a golf junkie, this is my Super Bowl. Every new gadget and golf-related gizmo has been researched or personally tested to create a list of sure golf gift winners.

Check out last year’s guide here for more ideas. A year later, these recommendations still hold up and meet my strict standards.

Without further ado, here are my tips for the best Christmas golf gifts for 2021.

Phone caddy from Desert Fox Golf

Let’s start with a small stocking filler.

The cell phone has become an indispensable golf tool. With apps that provide GPS yards, green breaks, and scoring and stats tracking, the phone needs a place to live during the lap. In addition, your phone is also the jukebox (for my younger readers, this is a record-playing machine. What is a record? Oh, forget it!)

Most gamers keep their phones in a pocket, but that’s not always convenient with the size of today’s phones. Plus, putting it in and out of your pocket all day becomes a distraction for you and other golfers.

Enter the phone caddy. This little guy attaches to the roof pole of the car and keeps your phone secure. It’s easy, easy to adjust, and does the job perfectly. All of a sudden you have GPS in your cart, easy access to music, and you can see email and text alerts (if that’s what you want).

The cradle can be adjusted to hold the phone, but you can also quickly take it off and take it with you on a stroll into the countryside.

I recently gave them away on a golf trip and they received widespread praise. Since the GHIN app now has GPS and scoring inputs, it only makes sense to have the phone visible and easily accessible at all times.

Get the Desert Fox Phone Caddy

Palm golf gloves

There are dozens of good golf gloves out there. Most are white with a black border. It’s boring and you deserve better. Enter Palm Golf Co.

Palm is one of the growing golf lifestyle brands that figured it out. What I mean? First of all, they understand that as a golf lifestyle brand, you need to focus more on golf than lifestyle.

Palm made a name for itself by focusing on one essential piece of equipment – the golf glove. Everyone uses one (except Fred Couples) and the big OEM players had offerings that had little or no personality.

Is Footjoy a Good Glove? Yes, they are the standard carriers on the market. But their gloves lack personality. At a time when golf clothing allows each player to show their own style, Palm found that the glove could be part of the equation.

Palm also offers a range of great looking golf accessories, including hats, headgear, leather goods and clothing, all of which add to the company’s gentle west coast vibe.

“Swing and Smile” is one of their slogans, which is not only good advice for the course, but also good advice for life.

Every Palm product I have tested is well made and designed. Customer service was also quick and friendly. This is a company on the rise. Get on board now and enjoy the ride.

Buy all Palm Golf Co. products

Drawn golf

Are you looking for a more personal gift? Golf Drawn might be just the ticket.

Golf Drawn creates stylized representations of golf course routings. You have to see it to understand exactly what you are doing, but when you see it your first reaction will be, “This is really cool.”

Basically, they can create a personalized piece of art that shows your golfer’s favorite course. You can add initials, frame it, or even stick it on a sticker or t-shirt. If they don’t have your favorite course in stock, they will make custom prints of any course in the world for a minimal fee.

You can choose the color scheme, add hole or space information, a monogram, or any number of other identifiers to personalize it.

Golf Drawn makes it possible to showcase your home course, a course you’ve visited on a trip, or perhaps your favorite tournament site. It’s minimal, it’s clean, it’s cool, and it’s personal. It’s a great present.

Buy Golf Drawn

Ghost golf

The golf towel is one of the most underrated and ignored golf equipment. There are thousands of designs. That is not the problem. The problem is that the golf towel usually either hangs loosely on your bag or is attached to the bag.

Ghost Golf solves this problem with its magnetic golf towel. It sticks firmly to club heads, golf carts, or other metal surfaces. The advantage is that it stays in place when you want but can easily travel to the green to clean the ball or your clubs.

This isn’t the first towel with a magnet, but it’s the best. It just works. It’s the right size, the magnet is strong, and it’s not covered in a crazy design. Perfect.

Ghost Golf also offers stretchable web golf belts at a reasonable price. Throw in a belt with a Ghost Golf Towel and you have a lucky golfer present.

Shop Ghost Golf

Flag Bag Co.

Do you remember how Nieman Marcus had an outrageous gift in his Christmas catalog? Of course not. Trust me, it was one of the big Christmas present surprises every year. It was usually something crazy like a golf ball-sized diamond pendant or a personal submarine.

As a tribute to those crazy gifts that nobody needs but everyone wants, I present Flag Bag Co.

Even dedicated drivers like me have to walk sometimes. A light carry bag is essential. Flag Bag Co. has created what is arguably the most desirable and personal version of the Sunday tote bag ever designed.

As the name suggests, the Flag Bag is made from new or recycled golf pin flags. You can provide your own flags, give them source flags, or choose from their “library” of random flags.

The result is a golf bag that is absolutely unique. No two bags are alike. It’s a gift that makes an impression.

The cost is higher than a normal golf bag. Much steeper. If this is a gift for a man, know that the recipient is likely to burst into tears with joy. It’s the golfer’s equivalent of giving someone an engagement ring as a gift. It says, “You complete me.”

Everyone will ask you about it, everyone will envy you, and it could be the greatest golf equipment gift you can give outside of a full bag for a whole new set of clubs.

If you’ve got a golfer on your list who has it all, a flag bag could be the answer to your gift hunt.

Shop Flag Bag Co.

No matter what you give the golfer in your life for the holidays, you know that there really are no bad golf gifts. Socks will also delight the golfer because they make you think about the next round. By acknowledging their passion for the game, you will be spreading joy with minimal effort.