The best men’s golf apparel brands in 2021

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Golf Apparel

Golf has struggled to appeal to younger audiences for years. The cliché of the old white man playing golf in a posh country club, surrounded by a high level of security, quickly suppresses any thought of practicing such a sport.

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The good news is that the stereotype is slowly weakening – and you can argue that fashion is at the forefront of the sport’s upcoming renaissance. Golf is full of tradition and rich history. It also has its own culture. Many fashion conscious entrepreneurs and companies have begun to capitalize on this history, fusing the best performance materials with amazing styles and designs in the pieces that are worn while golfing. From casual, comfy clothing to wild and loud pieces, these brands add to the 18-hole experience – whether it’s your first time on the course or your 500th time.

The West Coast-inspired brand: Linksoul

Founded by John Ashworth and a number of others with experience in the golf and surfing industries, Linksoul connects their products with the entire outdoor lifestyle that golf is a part of. They use organic cotton fabrics and earth tone color schemes to create this laid-back Pacific coast vibe. Oh, and they outfit former master master Bubba Watson.

The Champions’ Choice: Nike

Nike Golf

You can never go wrong with the check, especially since it is tied to the GOAT Tiger Woods. Crunchy polos, clean belts, great cleats, Nike will always be at the forefront of the best golf apparel.

Best performance clothing: Lululemon

Lululemon Golf

If you like breathable, form-fitting garments that move in all directions with your body, Lululemon has the answer. With Lululemon, you don’t have to think twice about whether your pants will inhibit your swing.

The trendsetters: Malbon Golf

Bad golf

Malbon is currently perhaps the king outfitting golf’s youth. Their playful branding and creative curation – one example of this is their Instagram – is what drives the movement they are building. In addition to the great collaborations they have already entered into, they also have a wide range of products to shop for.

Best designs: William Murray

Bill Murray Golf

Bill Murray bombed it across the fairway with his golf-inspired clothing company. Her designs are bright, fun, and have the winking humor that only Bill can get. William Murray’s polos are also great for brunch.

Best celebrity cosign: Mizzen + Main

Besan + Main Golf

If you’ve watched a sports program in the last year or something, you’ve most likely seen the Phil Mickelson commercial crushing the ball with his driver while he carries Mizzen + Main. Sometimes a celebrity cosign doesn’t necessarily mean the product is good, but that is far from the case here. Your polos have a high resistance to stretching and creasing.

The new ones: Bogey Boys

Bogey Boys Golf

If you are looking for a brand that reinterprets golf’s most iconic fashion pieces, Bogey Boys is without a doubt the right choice. Founded by Grammy Award winning artist Macklemore, the clothing line brings back vintage silhouettes with classic, clean colors and patterns for a fantastic nostalgic effect.

Other great golf apparel brands


Adidas Golf

Similar to the diamond, you can’t go wrong with the three stripes either. Many will say the difference in brand choice is a matter of preference, but for some, it’s more of a belief that they follow different religions. Adidas is constantly revising and updating their golf game; They are a brand you can always count on.

Original penguin

Penguin golf

Timeless golf clothing in OG designs and colors. Penguin now also uses sustainable fabrics in their garments.


Puma Golf

PUMA is another golf titan upgrading its style. Recently, PUMA’s star golfer Rickie Fowler teamed up with his friend’s lifestyle brand, The Palmtree Crew, to create a great collaboration. Who is his friend It is none other than the world-famous DJ and songwriter Kygo.


Gulf of Devereux

Devereux offers a wide range of modern golf clothing that will not hurt your pocket. Since switching to direct-to-consumer, they’ve been able to cut the price of their premium polo shirts to a modest $ 64.

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