The summer golf accessories you can’t afford to forget

The summer golf accessories you can't afford to forget

Summer has really arrived – heat waves and pouring rain alike this month! At GolfOnline, we’re passionate about the links with friends for a summer and hope that you are too. While you are probably thinking that you will have everything you need to start playing on the golf course in the months ahead, you may have overlooked a few golf accessories. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our summer golf essentials guide below.

The sun is out

Sun protection

Help ensure that a great day on the golf course does not end all night under a sunburn. Golf Online is proud to carry sunscreen spray from Solar sports this is easy to use during the round and also fits easily in your golf bag.


Sun glare can have a devastating effect on your golf game. When you step up to the tea box and look down the fairway, you want to make sure nothing gets in your way. At GolfOnline we have a great selection sunglasses perfect for wearing on and off the golf course. Stylish designs and the latest technology, including polarized lenses, will help improve your focus on sunnier rounds and keep you looking your best too.

Golf visors

Golf hats are a staple food for every golfer. A simple cap can keep your head dry and cool during the 18 holes and also keep out sun glare. When the weather is warm, many golfers prefer one Golf visor This will also allow the heat to escape from the top of the head. Here are some of our favorite golf visors from trusted brands like Galvin Green,Track list,Under armor and more, now in stock at GolfOnline.

Water bottles

One of the most important things to remember when playing golf in hot weather is hydration! Drinking plenty of water during your lap will keep you focused and cool even if the temperature continues to rise. At Golf Online we have an incredible range of g Water bottles
of brands including Nike, Eco ship and Camelbak that can be used both on and off the field. Insulated bottles, like that Masters liquid beverage bottlethat can be used for both hot and cold drinks are also available.

Summer showers

Packable golf waterproof rings

The best way to ensure that your golf game stays in tip-top shape this summer is to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature gets in its way. The English weather can change in a snap, so it’s always a good idea to bring a lightweight and foldable rain jacket with you. GolfOnline carries a range of waterproof jackets, tops, pants and hats so that you are prepared for any rain shower. Take a look at some of our favorites from the biggest golf brands like Wilson, Galvin Green, Proquip and more.

Summer golf clothing staple

Shorts, skirts and skirts

Warmer weather laps mean one thing – it’s time to stretch your legs. Don’t let the heat and the hustle and bustle on your summer outings to the golf course stun you by wearing the same pants that you wore in the spring. GolfOnline carries the latest collections from the most demanding clothing brands in golf Golf shorts, golf shorts and golf skirts . Shop for looks for men, women, and even juniors that will show off on and off the golf course this summer.

Low socks

If you’re wearing shorts this summer, don’t forget to cover up low socks.These are a staple food you won’t regret. From crew socks to ankle socks to no-show socks, GolfOnline has it all. Take advantage of our incredible selection of performance golf socks from incredible brands like FootJoy, Under armor, recall and more. Discounts and premium technology ranges are now available!

Spikeless golf shoes

Spikeless golf shoes are the preferred choice of today’s golfer. These shoes offer superior comfort, protection and support and can also be worn every day, just like a standard trainer. GolfOnline has a huge collection of spikeless golf shoes with the latest golf performance technology and the latest fashion trends. Shop now for women, men and even junior golfers.

Golf gadgets and goodies

Golf watches

While you might think that a golf watch is not strictly necessary, it is an accessory that we believe every golfer could benefit from. With breakthrough technology, golf watches can help improve your score by providing you with accurate information throughout your round. Sleek and stylish designs ensure that you can wear them all the time. From the latest Garmin to the incredible SkyCaddy Watches, shop everyone Golf GPS watches now available at Golf Online.

Electric trolleys

We have to throw a luxury item into the mix here. Okay, it’s not an absolute necessity, but it can make a round of golf more enjoyable. today electric golf trolleys are the perfect companions for your summer rounds. Help take the weight off your shoulders and save vital energy while you run on the course. Shop for the latest designs now available at GolfOnline from industry leaders like Motocaddy, PowaKaddy and Ben Sayers. We promise this is a purchase you will not regret!


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