This trendy fall golf apparel from GlobalGolf offers comfort and technology

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Golf Apparel

The key to mastering fall comfort is layering. Brands like Puma Golf, Nike and Adidas offer multi-layered pieces with versatility and technology that let you play in maximum comfort so you can focus on your game.

Nowadays, golf apparel has evolved into a mix of streetwear and athleisure while maintaining the powerful technology that gives you comfort. Some of the newest options to hit the scene are cool golf hoodies with fun prints and tapered sweatpants. Don’t worry, classic quarter zips and rain jackets never go out of style.

We’ve rounded up the latest design options if you need an outerwear freshen up this year. Between technology, style, and even sustainability efforts, you can’t go wrong with any of these brands. Best of all, all of these high quality garments that are perfect for layering are available at GlobalGolf. Here’s the insider tip you need to feel confident in your fall golf wardrobe:

Puma Golf’s pioneering ways will keep you cool

Puma Volition Golf Hoodie and Puma P 110 Snapback Golf Hat.

Keeping up with golf apparel trends is key to performing your best this fall, and Puma Golf does just that. Being “in the know” gives you extra pep in your stride that translates into a few extra birdies can. The fit and comfort of golf apparel play an important role in building confidence on the golf course, and it shows in your game.

Take the Puma Golf hoodies and hats to GlobalGolf. The Puma Volition golf hoodie, for example, takes the popular concept of a golf hoodie with an athletic fit and a funny camo print one step further. Go from class to the gym without skipping a beat.

The Puma P 110 Snapback golf hat is not only available in different colors and with the eye-catching “P” on tour, but also with Quick-Dry technology and antibacterial material for a clean fit. If you put on during your round, the last place where you break a sweat is on your head – this Puma Golf Cap prevents this hat astrophy.

Nike’s classic look never fades

Nike Repel Anorak Jacket and Nike Dri-Fit Victory Heather Half-Zip Sweater.

Function on the golf course is as important as style. In the fall, you’ll want the ability to add and remove layers to stay comfortable, warm, cool, dry, and everything in between. This is where fabric technology comes in to help regulate your body temperature, like Nike’s Dri-Fit products.

The Nike outerwear collection on GlobalGolf offers classic golf sweaters, water-repellent jackets and more that never go out of style; in fact, they keep getting better. The Nike Repel Anorak Jacket with its perfectly cut hood, stylish prints and practical attachment as a small pocket on the golf bag becomes your go-to rain jacket in autumn when not in use.

The Nike Dri-Fit Victory Heather Half-Zip Sweater is also a fall wardrobe winner, with a taller collar and a double-knit fabric design to protect you from the elements – all with the iconic Dri-Fit technology from Nike that keeps you dry.

Adidas takes sustainability and comfort to the next level

Adidas Primeblue golf shirt and Adidas Primeblue sweatpants.

Another way to feel comfortable in your golf ensemble is to know that your clothes are sustainably produced. For example, Adidas’ Primeblue line is made from Parley Ocean Plastic so you know your golf clothes make a difference.

The Adidas Primeblue golf shirt not only follows the current print trend, but is also made of recycled plastic. This property has its advantages, such as strong durability and resistance to wrinkles, which is a great bonus when worn under jackets.

The Adidas Primeblue jogging pants also go with the tapered leg trend and offer the perfect balance of comfort and style. The four-way stretch and water repellent properties will change your game in autumn by keeping you warm without additional padding.

Any combination of these fall layers from these popular brands can help you focus more on your golf game. As an added bonus, these trendy looks also work away from the golf course. Now that your golf clothes are sorted for the fall, don’t forget to update your golf bag with GlobalGolf’s offers and services at a cheaper price. Read about their Try, Trade, Buy mantra and what it means for your game, how to save money on the latest golf clubs, and even find out which golf equipment is right for your game.