Under Armor golf apparel 2021

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Golf Apparel

Under Armor has become an integral part of the golf scene in recent years and has brought big names like Jordan Spieth to represent the brand. And really, adding avid golfer Steph Curry to the mix can really help boost the brand, especially with a younger audience.

As mentioned in last year’s UA golf apparel review, the nice thing about apparel is that it’s not like golf gear. In fact, you can look like you know what you’re doing AND get the same performance as the pros. Not exactly something to say about a new driver or set of wedges that may not improve your game.

But a fresh new polo or well-fitting trousers? You will get the same performance from your on-site course participants as if you were playing at Augusta Amen Corner in mid-April.

Here’s a look at some of Under Armor Golf’s offerings for the upcoming season.

UA golf polos

Golf and polos are like peanut butter and jelly, so let’s start here.

UA performance polo

This bestseller polo from Under Armor is lighter and more breathable than in previous years, making it a good companion for those hot summer days on your limbs. The sweat-wicking, quick-drying material prevents you from feeling like a wet sack on the track.

Under Armor Playoff 2.0, Performance and Women’s Zinger Polos and Accessories

The 4-way stretch gives you the freedom to swing without worry, and the UPF 40 protection means you have the protection you need from the harmful sun rays you need.

The polos are single color and available in a more static design, which makes them a versatile polo for many outfits.

UA Playoff Polo 2.0

The UA Playoff Polo has many of the same functions as the UA Performance Polo. The material seems to have a little more flexibility and stretch and feels a little softer than the already soft performance polos.

However, one of the big differences is the collar design, meaning the collar is made from the same fabric as the shirt itself. The softer fabric and the different design options give these polos a slightly more elegant look. This Under Armor golf apparel is a great choice for golf, work, or a night on the town.

One of the most underrated features of both polos are the collars. One of the most annoying things about some collared shirts is that they tend to pucker or turn over, making you look like a hot mess before you even start a round.

Let’s face it: nobody likes a collar that looks like the mustache on a Pringles can. So a collar that lies flat and stays flat is a very underrated (and much needed) feature of any good golf polo.


UA Storm SweaterFleece 1/2 Zip

Under Armor calls this the “rain-repellent sweater”, which is light, warm, water-repellent and can be taken anywhere. That roughly sums it up.

The Storm Sweaterfleece 1/2 Zip and Sweaterfleece 1/2 Snap

My most common Under Armor golf apparel is probably this as it can be worn on a variety of occasions. I often wear it to work, to golf, and I’ve also worn it with suit pants and jeans. It’s comfortable, looks great, and is easy to add to multiple looks.

UA Storm SweaterFleece 1/2 Snap

I love half zip and quarter zip. Like many golfers, I have dedicated part of my closet to them. They can be worn with a polo or shirt, they are super comfortable and a great extra layer in the cold winter months.

But this is an underrated piece in the Under Armor Golf Apparel range. Something as simple as adding buttons instead of a zipper makes this piece a little more elegant. And it’s just different, which is a nice change from its normally zippered counterparts.

The fleece itself has a nice soft inside, while the UA Storm Technology repels water on the outside. What’s even more impressive is that the part is breathable despite its semi-waterproof properties. So staying warm on a foggy morning is not only doable, it also works on days when a sunny day is crisp without feeling like a greenhouse underneath.

UA Storm Evolution Daytona 1/2 zip

I’m not sure how they do this, but this thing is super light yet surprisingly warm. The ribbed sleeves are a nice designer addition and the material has good wind resistance. And if you live in the airy Midwest, everything that is warm, wind- and rainproof and looks good will go down well.

Under Armor golf trousers

I think golf pants are all I ever wear more when it comes to suit pants. They’re usually a lot more comfortable, have a lot more stretch and performance than typical pants, and just fit really well.

When I got the chance to try the UA Iso-Chill Tapered Pants, I was pleasantly impressed. These pants fit great, have great stretch and flexibility and are nice and light. They have an elastic waistband that makes them very comfortable around the waist.

The light stretch fabric has good breathability without feeling like you’re wearing cheap, thin pants. And the best thing about these pants? They have a water and dirt repellent surface.

I said last year: there is always a time and a place for good suit trousers. But every day I take the style AND comfort of golf pants.


The UA Microthread Golf Mesh Cap has some underrated features, especially in the front panels. They’re not super big and oddly shaped, but they keep their curve without getting beaten up. The mesh back is nice and breathable, dries quickly and does not become saturated when you sweat.

To complete the ensemble, the Webbing Belt 2.0 is fully adjustable, with a woven construction that offers a touch of flexibility. This belt is subtle, simple, and simply elegant enough to be worn on a regular basis. And it’s reversible, so you get two belts for the price of one.

Under Armor golf apparel for women

We had the opportunity to review a small selection of the women’s line last year and we have had a lot of positive feedback. So we decided to get our hands on a few more articles this year.

UA Storm midlayer with full zip

The Women’s UA Storm Midlayer Full Zip shares many of the same characteristics as sweater fleece, including its versatility. This plain garment is versatile and looks great on the limbs or in public. In fact, it would be a great addition if you enjoy running and need something to keep you warm in brisk temperatures.

The full zip is also light, but keeps you dry and warm with ease. Apparently it’s made of hollow fibers that help keep the product from looking and feeling bulky and heavy while keeping you dry and warm. It also has open hand pockets, which is also a nice look and inclusion in the product.

UA Zinger mottled short-sleeved polo shirt

This is a gorgeous and super comfortable polo that hopefully will come in more color schemes in the years to come. It has the 4-way stretch material, a soft feel for high wearing comfort and moisture-wicking components that keep you dry all day.

The buttons on the placket are covered by fabric so that the polo doesn’t look that golfy (I don’t think that’s a word, but you get it). The odor-inhibiting fabric also has built-in UV protection and does not stick during the day.

The Women’s UA Zinger Short-Sleeve Polo has basically all of the performance of the heathered version, apart from the hidden buttons. It is quick drying, super light and very stretchy and gives you both the performance on the court and the style off the court.


If you are looking for good golf yarn, nice golf accessories or good new golf spikes, Under Armor has definitely established itself as a brand that you can trust. The quality is great, the price is comparatively good and the reputation holds up.

There are certainly cheaper options out there, but quality or style is usually the first to suffer. There are plenty of higher priced options in the industry too, but at some point you stop paying for quality and start paying for logos.

When you’re ready to spice up your golf apparel, Under Armor golf apparel is a good place to start.