We introduce Reflo, a sustainable clothing brand

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Golf Apparel

The world we know is changing, and without human intervention, the exponential decline of the planet would have dire effects on the future of humanity.

Climate change and the need for proper recycling are nothing new, but a special – and long overdue – focus is placed on protecting the earth in order to secure a future for future generations.

A combination of deforestation, neglect of the right way to recycle waste, and the disastrous fast fashion industry all contribute to a world in disarray.

Fortunately, there are several people who simply do not stop while this is happening; a few who have taken it upon themselves to influence change.

Rory MacFadyen is one of those people and by creating Reflo, a sustainable apparel brand, he hopes to break the norm to stop the destruction of the soil we walk on.

What is Reflo?

Reflo is a clothing company that specializes in golf and sportswear, but the craftsmanship of its products takes this company above your normal fashion retailer.

All materials contained in the products were made from recyclable waste and were consciously produced in a sustainable manner.

For every product purchased, Reflo plants a tree in areas devastated by deforestation.

The business idea grew straight out of a sporting event that speaks volumes about the effort golf must go to to limit its impact on the environment.

“I was working at a sporting event and I saw the huge amount of products that were being released and there were box after box of clothes that just stood there,” remarked MacFadyen, remembering the original idea for the company.

“Knowing the environmental impact of making clothes, I thought, ‘There has to be a better way,’ and it was around a similar time that my friend Pete talked to me about finding a company that could make a plastic bottle A high-performance fabric can transform plastic bottles and two ideas formed the initial spark. “

While the coronavirus has caused pain and suffering around the world, our planet has benefited greatly from disrupting life as we knew it.

The mountains beyond Los Angeles were seen for the first time in years; the stargazing experience in cities had increased dramatically and the thick smog that typically surrounds most large cities has decreased significantly.

The water in Venice became clearer and there was less pollution in general, which resulted in wildlife not only thriving, but thriving for future generations too.

When you return to Reflo, many of you may be opposed to its establishment: ‘Another golf apparel company?’ I can hear you say

Yes, they are a clothing brand that specializes in golf apparel, but they are so much more than that, with an infectiously conscious ethos at the forefront of their business.

As mentioned earlier, with every purchase a tree is planted in selected areas of the world that have suffered from the crippling act of deforestation.

Mediated through a partnership with ecologywho are based in Bath, a portion of each sale is invested directly in the earth.

“We worked with them [Ecologi] to identify Mozambique and Madagascar as two places that we feel urgently need attention.

“Both are areas where huge amounts of land have been taken up by agriculture and as a result trees are felled, and this not only has a massive impact on CO2 levels, but also on how oily soil ends up being washed away.”

Of course, Reflo is at the very beginning of his journey, but MacFadyen cannot stress enough that as the retailer gains popularity, so does their commitment to a greener future.

“Planting trees would create jobs for the locals, and we actually finance that ourselves from every product that is fully integrated into our model forever. If sales increase, so too will our investments in these areas. “

It is clear that Reflo believes in a greener future and states that the world they envision guides every leadership decision would be an accurate representation.

When identifying factories for the manufacture and sale of clothing, they must adhere to certain regulations while reflecting the belief and passion that epitomize the Reflo brand.

“We rejected factories in which we wanted to make some products. We sent an independent audit and the conclusion was: not for us, too many risks here. “

Reflo not only ensures fair, safe and legal working conditions, but has also deliberately developed sustainable products.


What does it mean, or alternatively what does it mean to you?

The definition of sustainability in the Oxford Dictionary is: avoiding depletion of natural resources in order to maintain ecological balance.

So how does Reflo ensure that all of their products are sustainable? “To be really sustainable, you have to have less and a higher quality,” MacFadyen tells me. “And that is very important to us.

“The pants look like chinos, so you can put on a pair of boat shoes – or any kind of shoes – and you can go to the office or even a bar; They look like chinos, but they’re stretchy and powerful – you could even squat in them if you wanted. “

A question for our readers: Do you also wear your golf clothes off the course – do you dare to go into town with your latest collared polo shirt?

Very few people do this, and this is exactly what MacFadyen is referring to when he talks about sustainability; Reflo encourages you to wear their products to the office, stores, or even while running!

The Reflo collection isn’t exactly cheap and certainly can’t compete with brands like Nike or Adidas right now, but the company’s concept isn’t there to compete with these big players – it’s meant to serve as a template for how to do better .

“No matter where you work, modern slavery is still present,” MacFadyen tells me, referring to the sweatshop factories that have been unearthed in Leicester in recent years.

“We’re at the forefront of changing that and while our price might be a little more expensive than some other brands, it’s because we’re paying more to make the product and yes, we could be cheaper – we could be more affordable by making it in the same factories as the bigger brands – but then it wouldn’t be Reflo: it wouldn’t be us.

“Everything is snowing on the stage, which I think every brand should behave like that.”

Reflo has started to fight back against the overwhelming negativity caused by the actions of humanity.

By purchasing their products, you will not only get comfortable, stylish and environmentally friendly clothes, but you will also help rebuild the planet.

“People and the planet go hand in hand – so it is extremely important that we take care of both,” was one of the closing thoughts MacFadyen shared with me – and he is right!

Reflo may be the first to start in this direction, but it certainly won’t be the last.

This allows them to see themselves as pioneers of positive change, and it just so happens that their clothing line is pretty impressive too.

The products

I bought two polo shirts – with incredibly trendy designs – and a mid-layer from Reflo to try out on the golf course.

First, the quality of the clothes is immense and worth mentioning. In mid-November I went to the square at 7 a.m. and the cold of winter was there.

Considering the temperature was 6 ° C and I was only wrapped in two layers – a polo shirt and the middle layer – the heat circulating my body was unlike any other brand I have used.

There wasn’t a single moment during the three-hour round when I was too hot, too cold, or even uncomfortable – I felt completely relaxed and at ease, which made for an excellent round of golf.

We found that the entire range of clothing was made from recyclable waste, but that wasn’t where Reflo had to stop.

“The swing tags on the products are made of recycled cardboard and the string is made of hemp, a tough, easily renewable fiber that doesn’t use a lot of water and grows very quickly.”

Overall, my experience testing Reflo apparel products has been a pleasant one; The texture of the fabric is soft and the heat retention surprised me but was certainly welcome on a cold winter morning.

The entire range has been launched and is now live. You can view the products below.

Remember that with every purchase, a tree is planted in areas that cry out for intervention, and thanks to Reflo’s vision, the long road to recovery begins today.

Please visit the official Reflo website for more information.