Winter is coming! Extend your golf season with this all-weather equipment from GlobalGolf

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Golf Apparel

For golfers, one of the first signs of winter is the stinging of the hands that accompanies an iron with blades. But cool temperatures don’t have to be an obstacle to gaming. Invest in the right outerwear and technology from GlobalGolf and you can easily extend your season – no matter what type of contact you have!

If you are lucky enough to live in tropical climes, all you need is a few versatile layers and accessories for those crisp mornings on the first tee. If you live a little further north, you may need to spend your off-season training indoors or invest in serious warm-weather gear. Either way, GlobalGolf has you covered.

Step 1: Buy warm – and practical – golf clothing

Similar to the layer system for autumn clothing introduced by GlobalGolf, warm yet breathable golf outerwear is a must for winter. Combining golf sweaters, 1/4 zip jackets and pullovers with lightweight, warming base layers will keep your body temperature high enough to swing comfortably while giving you the freedom you need to remove layers.

By keeping your golf clothing light and breathable, you will find that your sweat is being carried away from your body and evaporated, which will help keep the cold factor out and keep you comfortable during your round. Layers primarily help regulate your body heat, although the additional breathable protection ensures that you can maintain your ideal body temperature without the build up of sweat.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need:

– Base Layer: a solid foundation that releases moisture
– Golf sweater: extra warmth in a sporty look when you need it
– Windbreaker: Avoid the extra cold caused by strong gusts without affecting movement

At GlobalGolf you can find every layer you need to play golf in cold weather. For example, the Adidas UPF Solid Base layer is soft, moisture wicking, and compression fit to promote blood circulation; The Nike Dry Vapor 1/2 Zip Golf Sweater is breathable in addition to its primary purpose of keeping you warm; and the Riverwalk windbreaker by PUMA protects you while maintaining four-way stretch.

Step 2: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Too many people forego winter golf accessories, and frankly, it likely costs a significant number of strokes per round. In addition to the classic hand warmers, your hands will thank you when you slip these warmers into winter car gloves. Compared to the time you actually spend hitting golf balls during a round of golf, most of the time you sit in a cart or walk on a cool day. Take care of your hands and keep them nimble for the next shot.

With that in mind, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are solid drink choices for the golf course (okay, maybe a hot toddy too). Buying a YETI mug may keep your drinks cold in the summer, but it also keeps your drinks – and your body – warm.

Nobody enjoys a cold rain shower. To stay dry, you should always have a golf umbrella and a packable rain jacket in your bag during your winter laps. Whether you use it to protect yourself or your golf clubs, you’ll be grateful that you won’t be freezing for hours after you leave the golf course.

Another tip: if you do get caught in a light snow storm and the golf course miraculously stays open, make sure you have colorful golf balls in your pocket. Don’t make the game harder for yourself playing with a white ball in the snow.

Step 3: Play indoor golf with a launch monitor

There comes a point where even the toughest golfers have to go inside. The snow covers the site completely and there is no way out of the house to pitch it.

Just because courses are closed doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play a round even in winter. GlobalGolf offers a variety of start monitors, punch mats, golf nets, and other fun training aids to bring your workout indoors. With certain launch monitors, such as the SkyGolf SkyTrak, you can even play golf courses virtually; other models from Rapsodo and Swing Caddy are also great options

The best part is that you can use this golf technology all year round. Launch monitors are perfect for dialing in your irons (and showing off your long rides). You can even see yourself compete against your favorite tour players with GlobalGolf’s Start Monitor Numbers Guide. Throw in a golf putting mat and you have your very own high tech practice facility.

No matter why you are golfing outside this winter, make sure you visit the prepared course. Then extend your season with your own indoor golf facility (which will always pay off over the course of the season). Everything you need to keep playing can be found on GlobalGolf.