Women’s golf apparel is the focus of the Las Vegas PGA Show | Golf equipment: clubs, balls, bags

  Women's golf apparel is the focus of the Las Vegas PGA Show |  Golf equipment: clubs, balls, bags

Every year in August, the PGA Fashion Show gives the golf world a glimpse of the stylistic future of spring and women’s golf clothing was the hot topic this year. The brands were eager to show what they were working on and discuss how the business is changing to meet the demands of the golf world in these unique times. In the past few months, many companies have moved to creating more inclusive and lifestyle-oriented pieces for both male and female golfers, but most are realizing that the space for women is the most work-demanding. Apparel brands aim to outfit their golf customers beyond the course and into their daily lives. With more diverse apparel options, many brands hope this creates a more inclusive and welcoming environment for new golfers while delivering the performance benefits for golfers of all skill levels. Here’s a look at the top brands in women’s golf apparel at the 2021 PGA Show in Vegas.

Dunning announced the launch of its first line of women’s clothing in early 2022. The collection focuses on high-quality fabrics with performance elements suitable for golf and includes golf shirts, skirts and outerwear. The traditional men’s clothing brand saw an opening in the world of women’s golf clothing for an upscale range of sports that was specially developed for golf. Some of the pieces can also be worn off the course and styled for lifestyle looks, but each piece is designed primarily for golf. The golf shirts, which are available as short-sleeved and sleeveless models, all have a sun protection factor of UPF 50+, the over-the-top shorts have a golf ball pocket in the inner lining of the mesh shorts, and each piece has an athletic fit that has been developed to accommodate you on the course.

Jane Fifteen Thirty
Another headliner at the PGA Show in Las Vegas was Jane Fifteen Thirty. The brand for women’s golf clothing was founded a little more than three years ago and focuses on inclusivity in sizing down to the smallest detail. The Nicki Short, for example, is available in sizes Small to 4XL and tapers slightly on the leg so that the fabric does not puff up at the bottom. In addition to clothing, the brand has also expanded its gift collection, which includes flacons, kitchenware and décor with stylish designs on the theme of golf.

The Canadian brand Nivo is a newcomer in golf and borrows technology from outdoor sports for upscale, weatherproof women’s golf clothing. The brand is owned by Montreal-based Lanctôt Ltée, which started out as a ski company 68 years ago and has grown into one of Canada’s largest manufacturers and distributors of sporting goods, and Nivo recently hired a new designer to expand the brand’s offerings.

San Soleil
Known for manufacturing sunscreen clothing, San Soleil is expanding its offerings to make it even more comprehensive for all types of golfers. The brand offers a range of styles from simple plains to bold prints and glittery finishes to match any look. The designers also strive to incorporate different silhouettes and fits to accommodate a variety of body types on the court.

Scales is another company that started out focusing on sun protection for outdoor activities and has become popular in golf. The fishing apparel brand launched its first men’s golf line at the end of 2020 and a women’s golf line will follow in spring.

Jude Connally
The fashion brand Jude Connally, new to the golf world, has golfed its popular resort collection for spring 2022. New Jersey-based brand founded by women, presents a new range of prints every week featuring fun colors, flowers, and geoprints, some of the most popular with those familiar with the brand. The golf-specific collection includes golf dresses, skirts, shirts and layered pieces.

Isla Sport
Launched just this summer, Isla Sport is a women-centric golf apparel brand founded and designed by LPGA Tour Play Sydnee Michaels. Her goal was to create a modern line that combines golf and tennis clothing with fashionable, feminine looks. So far, the brand has released three dresses, two shirts, a pair of shorts and a body. The silhouettes are cut narrow and the length of the skirts is rather shorter. So check out the size charts to ensure a fit that fits your body and conforms to the dress code.


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