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Mario Golf: Super Rush, the newest sports title starring the characters from the Mario franchise, has been on the market for a few months. The game has a lot going for it and more is to come as the game recently received the first of hopefully many updates that add new content to the game.

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One of the things that were added to the video game after it was released was a new course, New Donk City, which originally appeared in Super Mario Odyssey a few years ago. This leads fans to wonder what locations will become golf courses from other Mario games * and hopefully).

10 Bob-Omb Battlefield is a classic course from Super Mario 64

Bob omb battlefield

Bob-Omb Battlefield is the first place players visit in Super Mario 64, with the exception of Peach’s Castle, as that was the hub world. On this course, players could fight King Bob-Omb a few times, race Koopa, free chain chomp and more.

Not only would this make a great golf course because of the actual design of the site, but King Bob-Omb is even one of the playable characters in Mario Golf: Super Rush. It would be great to see Bob-Omb Battlefield from a whole new perspective.

9 Lake Lapcat is the largest single location in a Mario game to date

Lake Laccat

Lake Lapcat is the location of Bowser’s Fury, which was released earlier this year. This is the biggest level in all of the Super Mario titles and gives fans hope that at some point there will be a huge open world game in the franchise, something that annoyed Odyssey, but only in smaller doses.

There are many small islands around Lake Lapcat, and it would be cool to see each of them turn into a hole on a Lake Lapcat golf course.

8th Luncheon Kingdom was one of the most interesting areas of Super Mario Odyssey

Lunch kingdom

With New Donk City becoming an in-game golf course, it would be great to add other kingdoms from Super Mario Odyssey as well.

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The Luncheon Kingdom was one of the most unique in the game, with lots of food and strange creatures inhabiting the land. This would probably be one of the toughest areas if turned into a golf course due to the abundance of pink lava that surrounds it, which has the potential for many penalties for strokes.

7th Yoshi’s Island is one of the most iconic locations in Mario’s universe

Yoshi's island

Yoshi’s Island is one of the most popular locations in the franchise, in both Mario and Yoshi games, including the classic SNES game named after the region.

This is where Yoshi first met Mario and Luigi (ignoring the many continuity errors that Retcon caused) and helping the brothers when they were little. It was even a course in the original Mario Golf so it would be great to see it again in the latest installment in the series.

6th The Lost Kingdom was another unique location in Super Mario Odyssey

Lost Kingdom

Another interesting location from Super Mario Odyssey was the Lost Kingdom. Similar to Luncheon Kingdom, the area is surrounded by poison that could be used to make a golf course based on it quite difficult.

The tropical wigglers there could also be a difficult obstacle. If Nintendo wants to make some holes harder than the ones that are already in the game, the Lost Kingdom is a great opportunity for them to do so.

5 Cool, Cool Mountain would be a cool, cool course to add

Cool, cool mountain

Another classic location from Super Mario 64 is Cool, Cool Mountain, which would make a great frozen golf course – especially in Speed ​​Golf, as players would slide while running to get their balls.

Holes could be based on both the outside of the mountain and the slide inside, where players could compete against a penguin. Maybe this course could even use snowballs instead of golf balls as there was a level where players had to make you taller and take you to a snowman. Cool, Cool Mountain would make a great Christmas gift for fans.

4th The ruined kingdom was one of the darkest places Mario has ever gone

Destroyed kingdom

One final location from Super Mario Odyssey that would make a fantastic golf course is Ruined Kingdom. Unfortunately, Mario didn’t spend much time here before that as this was one of the smaller kingdoms in the game.

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However, it is also one of the most memorable as it was there where he had to fight a terrible dragon, which shocks many fans. Maybe this kite could even be integrated into the course somehow.

3 Luigi’s mansion would be a very scary course

Luigi's mansion 3

As many fans know, Luigi has come a long way since its inception as little more than a Mario with pallet swap used for multiplayer. He has his own series of games, Luigi’s Mansion, which gamers really like, so it would be really cool to see at least one of the locations in the series become a golf course.

After all, it has already been featured in other sports games, such as some of the Mario Kart titles and Mario Power Tennis. If Nintendo plans to bring even more content to fans around Halloween, it should definitely be the case.

2 Isle Delfino is a popular locale for Mario spin-off games

Delfino Island

Isle Delfino is the main location of Super Mario Sunshine, where Mario originally wanted to vacation but ended up helping the Piantas by cleaning it up after Bowser Jr. screwed it up.

It has grown to be one of the most popular areas in the franchise, and fans want to see it in other games. While it was featured in Mario Kart titles, Mario Power Tennis, Fortune Street, and more, it has never been a golf course. Maybe it can finally be in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

1 Rainbow Road could be as great in this game as it is in Mario Kart

Rainbow Road is one of the most iconic tracks in the Mario Kart games that has many different versions of the series and always serves as the last track for each game.

Whether a golf course based on it was inspired by a specific version of Rainbow Road, had a hole based on each hole, or was completely original but just as fun, players would be delighted if it made its way into Mario Golf: Super Rush held.

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