95th Sherman set to start

by | May 13, 2022 | Golf Balls

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -The Sherman Invitational is set for a 95th year starting Friday.

The Sherman is a three day, 54 hole amateur event that allows golfers of various skill levels to compete against each other. There will be four divisions, Championship, Open…based on handicap, Senior and Super Senior. This year’s tourney expected to have about 175 players playing, with most of those golfers local, but some from outside the area and out of state. Again this the 95th year for the Sherman, all consecutive, despite having to battle, in recent years, a Cat-5 storm and worldwide pandemic!

“The hurricane provided probably the biggest challenge.” We had to play in November 2019. It had already been played in 2018 prior to the hurricane. The pandemic, some challenges. But that is a lot to get through in basically back to back years, to keep the tournament going. Once again we do it because there are a lot of people that they look forward to the Sherman. They call it Sherman week, there are a lot of people that are excited to play and have a good time. And get to play their own golf ball in a tournament for three straight days”

I asked Charlie what it is that keeps bringing back the golfers, many of whom who have played in the Sherman ten or more times?

“A couple of things, number one there’s not many three day individual tournaments left. You know you see a lot more select shot tournaments these days. Also the golf course is always in really good shape. The Panama Country Club staff always puts on a really great event. And it does have a lot of history. Being 95 years old, the oldest consecutive running tournament in the south. It’s a very prestigious title to win.”

The event wraps up with a final round Sunday.

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