A better lie will cost you more in Port Orange | news

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Golf Balls

It can cost a little more to swing the clubs at Cypress Head Golf Club in Port Orange.

It has been six years since the fees were charged. That streak likely ended with a vote by Port Orange City Council on October 5th.

In response to a text, City Manager Wayne Clark stated, “The fee changes went up to the maximum limits our management company (KemperSports) can impose.” In other words, KemperSports has the flexibility to adjust fees based on market and rate conditions, however, cannot exceed the maximum fee. Adjustments can begin immediately.

Highlights of the new fee structure: Green fees per person could increase from $ 46 to a maximum of $ 57.50, green fees for juniors per person could increase from $ 17 to $ 21.75, a 12-month trail pass for $ 1,500 could now be max $ 1,875 and a new six month trail pass is charged at 60% of the annual trail pass fee.

Bob Duquette from KemperSports, the management company of the city’s golf course, informed the city council about the status of the golf club. He reported that July earnings were higher than forecast budget. August was balanced and although the final sales numbers for the fiscal year ending September 30th have not yet been counted, the golf course will have positive cash flow.

The supply chain issues that affect consumers are also affecting the golf industry. Not only were certain foods, clothing, and computer chips slowed down, but golf balls and golf shirts as well. Mr. Duquette explained that they had to wait up to two and a half months for golf balls to be delivered to the golf shop. Other miscellaneous items were also delayed.

Even so, Cypress Head Golf Club recently won the Hometown News 2021 Reader’s Choice Award.

That same evening, Cypress Head received a financial boost, and Riverwalk Park’s vision was also strengthened. With a unanimous vote of 5: 0, the city council approved minor changes in the city regulations that make it possible to open up the total area of ​​around 35 hectares for mixed use. Strolling along the Halifax River, entertainment (bars, lounges, nightclubs, restaurants), a marina and living with a maximum of 32 apartments can now be considered for any area within the park.

The Fysh Bar and Grill restaurant under construction, which was originally scheduled to open in December, is now set to open in early 2022. Supply chain problems have crept in here and developers have been waiting for building materials to be delivered. The developers were also held back by a labor shortage. Nevertheless, the restaurant is said to be the largest in the Volusia district.

Mayor Don Burnette issued two proclamations. One was in recognition of Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month. The proclamation was given to Dr. Peter Martin, President of the Port Orange Campus of the Palmer College of Chiropractic.

The second was issued in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. “Domestic violence remains a ubiquitous issue in Volusia County, the United States and the world,” said Mayor Burnette. “In the Volusia district around 10 people are physically abused by an intimate partner every day.”

The Mayor praised Port Orange individuals and organizations who “play a role in helping people affected by domestic violence and providing services including therapeutic, legal, educational, housing, legal and medical services.”

As the proclamation was handed over to Odetta Horruitiner, coordinator of the Port Orange Police Victims Advocate, Mayor Burnette said: “It is a crisis, it was and always will be. And the only thing we can do is be ready to take up the challenge at any time. And we do that partly through awareness. “

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