A couple of game hacks to help you find the right loft for your adjustable driver

We Can Learn from Rory's Admission; Make Sure The Changes You’re Making Fit Your Golf Game

Customizable drivers have changed the game when it comes to improving the starting conditions for all players. The ability to change the loft dramatically helps straighten and lengthen your drives. How do you know what to do?

Let’s say we don’t have instant access to a PGA Professional. Here is a quick “game hack” you can perform to find the best loft setting for your adjustable driver.

Ideal starting conditions arise when we hit the ball with the driver on impact. In terms of numbers, we want to start the ball larger than the driver’s loft. If your driver has 11 degrees of loft, your launch angle should be a few degrees higher depending on your swing speed. This is very important as so much is written about shutdown and when it comes to the driver it just doesn’t matter.

Try this quick test to know you’re hitting.

  • Take an empty case with golf balls and place it a handle length in front of your opened golf ball. The box will lie on the floor at the finish line. Please make sure that the box is empty to be on the safe side. Now try to hit your drive without hitting the box.

  • You will quickly notice what it feels like to swing upwards on impact. Some of you will miss the box and start a beautiful flying drive. Many of you will hit the box. If you hit the box, try that setup change and swing again.

  • Make sure your trail shoulder is lower than your lead shoulder. Too many players keep their shoulders straight, which can lead to a steep angle of attack. Swinging up and down with the driver is impossible. Bring the trail shoulder lower and try the empty box drill until you get a good feel for the correct throw of the ball.

Once you feel a steady upward swing and those shoots shoot above the horizon, it’s time to determine the right loft.
  • Not everyone has an elaborate launch monitor, so here comes the “game hack”. One of the most revealing traits that the average golfer doesn’t consider is its decent angle. The angle at which the ball lands. Remember to land an airplane on a runway. There is only one right way!

  • If you’re swinging up and down and the drives land like a helicopter, straight down, let’s lower the loft. Conversely, if we create these great take-off conditions and we see a gentle approach to the ground like an airplane, then your loft is right. If you hit up and the ball doesn’t seem to take off and looks flat and is having trouble staying in the air, it’s time to increase that loft.

Loft is your friend. In this experiment, try to add as much loft as possible. More loft reduces dispersion and helps you hit better drives more often. Many players mistakenly believe that too much loft leads to a loss of distance. The modern golf ball and driver complement each other best when they fly high with little spin.

You can get there and know with great certainty if you follow these simple steps.

1. Make sure to swing up your drives. (This is imperative to determine the correct loft.)

2. Follow the decent angle.

Land the plane safely and you will become more confident as you climb to the tee. The added confidence of knowing that one of the endless details of golf is right will free your swing and add an unprecedented distance to you.


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