Aqua Knuckles Announces NIL Partnership with Trenton Julian

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Golf Balls

Courtesy of Aqua Knuckles, a SwimSwam partner.

Aqua Knuckles is pleased to announce a NIL partnership with Trenton Julian, Member of the USA National Swimming Team, Cal Men’s Swim Team, and Rose Bowl Aquatics Club Team. Aqua Knuckles are new and innovative training aids worn by competitive swimmers to develop muscle memory using the open finger technique to create a stronger pull. Aqua Knuckles is used by swimmers at all levels around the world.

Trenton Julian is the fastest American swimmer in the 200 Fly LCM this year. His Speedo Summer Championship 200 Fly race was the seventh fastest 200 fly LCM time in the world this year and in the top 10 fastest American swimming races of all time. Trenton is a 3x 2021 Olympic Trials A finalist and has been an integral swimmer on the Cal Men NCAA D1 team for four years.

“Trenton is a talented, versatile, emerging star in the competitive swimming world. We are excited to work with him to help all swimmers learn how the open finger swimming technique can make your pull stronger and get you on the wall faster. ”- John O’Grady, Founder, Aqua Knuckles

“… wearing Aqua Knuckles creates a constant reminder of the best hand and finger placement” Trenton Julian

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The science of open finger swimming

When swimmers pull through the water with their fingers slightly open (approx. 5-10 mm apart), they are pushing more water. No water escapes through slightly spread fingers. When submerged in water, the hands form a thin boundary layer. The water closest to the hand sticks to the hand to form this layer. The boundary layer lies on the hand like a glove and gives your hand more surface. How thick the boundary layer is depends on the speed of your hand through the water and the shape of your fingers. When you spread your fingers, this boundary layer traps water between the spaces between the fingers. This effectively increases the surface area of ​​your hand.

Golf balls have been using the boundary layer for years to achieve greater width and control. The dimples on a golf ball create a thinner boundary layer that stays closer to the ball surface. This helps the airflow to flow closer to the surface of the golf ball, which results in less lag. The dimples on a golf ball reduce drag by half. When swimming, we try to increase the resistance of our hands.

Spreading the fingers gives the hands more surface. Spreading your fingers has the same effect as carrying paddles and is lighter on your shoulders than paddles. You can’t wear paddles during a race, but you can spread your fingers apart during a race for a similar effect. The pull is a very important part of the stroke. The harder you can make your pull, the stronger your punch will be. Wearing Aqua Knuckles gives the swimmer the opportunity to position one of the most important aspects of swing propulsion – the palm of the hand – very precisely by positioning his fingers. Using Aqua Knuckles really helps in achieving precise finger position that is otherwise difficult to achieve. There are several scientific articles online and now some videos comparing swimming with your fingers open to swimming with your fingers closed. The papers all suggest that swimming with your fingers open is a better way to create a stronger pull by enlarging the palm of your hand by up to 10%. As an aside, we’ve also found that wearing Aqua Knuckles reduces the number of strokes.

Open finger swimming also increases nerves exposed to the water by up to 35%. If you swim with your fingers closed, the sides of your fingers will not get out of the water. When a trainer speaks of “feeling for the water”, you can feel more that way. Getting a better feel for the water helps swimmers make these micro-adjustments to their pull so they can swim faster. Some coaches believe that the best swimmer has a better feel for the water.

What are Aqua Knuckles?

Aqua Knuckles are training aids that are worn during swimming training for competitive swimmers and anyone who wants to move faster through the water (also use surfers). Aqua Knuckles are double silicone bands that are placed over the ring and middle fingers of each hand. They are sold in pairs and follow the ring finger size, although many swimmers prefer a snug fit.

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John O’Grady – Founder, Aqua Knuckles
John has been a competitive swimmer for nearly 40 years and a true student of the sport. His love of water has taken him through age group swimming, high school teams, college divisions I and II teams, and masters swimming. He has participated in open water competitions in the Atlantic and practiced in the English Channel. Hard to find this guy out of the water! John is currently raising his large family of competitive swimmers in Southern California and is an assistant swim coach at a local high school. When not in the water or on a pool deck, John runs a boutique media services company focused on creative projects of all kinds for businesses large and small. He cooks, surfs, travels, takes photos and enjoys spending time with his wife and children.