BēKEN, the original off-fairway golf ball marker, is available from the golf headquarters in The Dome in New York | news

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NEW YORK, August 16, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – BēKEN, the original off-fairway golf ball marker from BēKEN Golf, is now in the golf headquarters at The Dome in. available Williamsville, New York.

Make a stop at the golf headquarters at The Dome in Williamsville, New York Get the BēKEN for yourself and for one golfer in your life. For more information on Golf Headquarters at The Dome, please visit: http://thedomewny.com

You will never get tired of placing your golf ball on the course. The BēKEN is a must for every golfer. The BēKEN is a great item for the everyday golfer who wants to enjoy the game more.

The BēKEN helps to reduce the time it takes to find golf balls that have already been found. It reduces the likelihood of forgetting the clubs around the green. It also supports the general pace of the game.

The BēKEN is a clearly visible golf ball marker for balls that are hidden under thick grass or leaves. It keeps the club grips raised, dry, and clean around the green. It prevents cigars from touching the green. It helps prevent clubs from being left behind around the green due to visibility. It’s also a portable chipping target for practicing.

The BēKEN has great features including a choice of 5 bright colors of blue, green, yellow, orange and pink for visibility and a height of 8 inches to sit high above the grass. It has a weighted basis for staying upright. There are two channels in the base that serve as a racket handle and cigar racks. It also has hooks for easy picking up.

To use a BēKEN, simply place the BēKEN next to a partner’s golf ball or drop it so that they can find it without wasting time searching as you move towards your own ball. The BēKEN can also be placed or dropped around the green to lift club handles or cigars and prevent them from being left behind. A BēKEN can also be used as a portable target for chipping exercises.

A pack of 2 costs $ 23.99 and a pack of 4 costs $ 43.99. The BēKEN is a fantastic gift. It is available online in selected stores and nationwide. To have a BēKEN available in your store or to buy a BēKEN, visit: https://bekengolf.com

About BēKEN Golf:

The BēKEN is the original off-fairway golf ball marker. The BēKEN was developed by two friends who are average golfers after they got tired of searching for golf balls that their golf partners had already found. They realized that not only was a lot of time wasted trying to find a golf ball, but also trying to find a golf ball again. When developing the BēKEN, local companies in the western new York Region, were used from design to production. So when you buy a BēKEN you are not supporting another large golf company, you are supporting a small business. BēKEN Golf is featured in national media and on television. For more information about BēKEN Golf, visit: https://bekengolf.com and follow @BeKENGOLF on Facebook and Instagram. For media inquiries about BēKEN Golf, please contact Tamara york from Tamara York Public Relations at tamara@tamarayorkpr.com.

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