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Which golf club bag is the best?

You can have the world’s most expensive clubs and golf balls, use ebony and ivory golf tees, and hire the best training staff you can find, but if you don’t practice it is all for free. As an outdoor game, waking up in heavy rain when you were intending to hit the shooting range can be sad. With a golf impact bag, you can do all of your training indoors. Don’t worry – you can use them outdoors too.

The best golf impact bag is the Impact Bags Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag Golf Impact Training Aid. This powerfully constructed golf club bag is one of the most durable around – it keeps repeated and hard hits to the side. It can also be filled with any material you want to tailor your resistor just the way you want it.

What to Know Before Buying a Golf Bag


Golf impact bags are usually made from one of two materials: vinyl and canvas.

Vinyl: Vinyl is the most commonly used material due to its high resistance to repeated impacts. Many golf impact bags are also waterproof to withstand the elements and especially the dew that is left on the grass underneath. Just don’t leave them outside as the elements can still wear them out quickly.

Canvas: Canvas bags are all about the feeling of impact and they sacrifice some longevity in return. They don’t have the same overall durability and are not waterproof, so make sure you at least place them on dry grass or ground.


Very few golf impact bags are pre-filled and can instead be filled with materials you choose to provide a custom type of drag that feels best for you. See the FAQ section below for an idea of ​​what type of fillings most golfers use.

What to look for in a high quality golf club bag

Shape and size

Most golf impact bags are cylinders about a foot high or slightly smaller, 15 to 18 inches in diameter. Some come in box shapes if you prefer, roughly the same sizes. Size and shape have the effect of changing the resistance on impact. The larger the bag, the more resistance you will feel, but the more likely you are to damage your golf club. However, stuffing is the biggest risk factor for golf club damage.


Most golf impact bags are designed to give you a target. Some have only one, others four – one every 90 degrees. If having one goal is important to you, choose one with four 90 degrees apart. This is because repeatedly hitting the same area can hasten the collapse of a pocket; You should rotate it 90 degrees every couple of strokes, whether or not it has goals.

How much you can spend on a golf club bag

One of the best things about golf impact bags is their low price compared to most other golf equipment, since you can find low-end golf impact bags for $ 20 or less. If you take your game a little more seriously, you can spend up to $ 30 to $ 40 on one of the better options available.

Frequently asked questions about the golf bag

What should you stuff your new golf club bag with?

A. The best part about filling a golf club bag is that you can fill it with almost anything that can’t break and offers resistance. Most golfers stuff their golf club bags with towels, but pillows, foam pieces, and even T-shirts are other popular choices. Make sure that you never use sand or other hard materials as these could break your golf club on impact.

Are Golf Impact Bags a Better Practice Than Hitting Golf Balls on the Range?

A. Yes and no. Golf impact bags are designed to strengthen your swing by building the muscles involved. The resistance when hitting the bag jerks the muscles and makes them tear. Their biggest weakness is that they don’t help with accuracy as there is no ball to see after the swing. It’s also better to use one at home than skipping a workout session due to inclement weather.

Which is the best golf impact bag?

Top golf racket

Impact Bags Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag Golf Impact Training Aid

What you need to know: This golf club bag is the best of the best because of its sturdy construction.

What you will love: The bag can be filled with anything you want to fill it with so the feel of the impact can be customized.

What you should be aware of: Make sure the zipper on this golf club bag is away from where you want to hit the bag. otherwise, you could hit it right away.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top golf impact bag for the money

Amazingli Golf Impact Power Smash Bag

Amazingli Golf Impact Power Smash Bag

You must know: This affordable golf impact bag is for anyone looking to improve but not serious about being professional.

What you will love: When the weather outside is terrible, this golf club bag is perfect for indoor training.

What you should be aware of: With the stitching of this golf club bag, you get what you pay for; too many pure power hits can tear them open.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Checking out is worth it

Partage Smash Bag Golf Hitting Bag Golf Impact Swing Trainer

Partage Smash Bag Golf Hitting Bag Golf Impact Swing Trainer

What you need to know: This is a nice, mid-range option for those who want to save a little money but still need higher performance.

What you will love: This golf club bag has a plastic buckle at the end that holds the bag in place with a stick. It helps keep the bag in place during exercise.

What you should be aware of: This bag can only be filled with soft things like old clothes or towels. This bag cannot be filled with sand.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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