[BN] Chronicles: Buffalo’s Prospects for Industrial Jobs, 1976 | Local news

[BN] Chronicles: Buffalo's Prospects for Industrial Jobs, 1976 |  Local news

The state of Buffalo’s industrial strength in the 1970s may have been somewhat denied.

In 1976, the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce published MetroScene magazine as “the most complete book of its kind ever published in western New York. It is an attempt to condense the most relevant information on all aspects of life in this large metropolitan region and to present it under a single cover sheet. “

The magazine presents information about Buffalo in almanac style on 80 pages. The information is interesting, but so are the photos – not only because they show life in western New York more than four decades ago, but also because of the selected sights that were captured as photos.

Right from the start, the Chamber of Commerce wanted people interested in Buffalo to get to know our industry.

“The resilient economy of the great industrial hub of Buffalo and Western New York is built on the foundations – steel, grain, automobiles, transportation, energy, and people – and is fueled by a multitude of manufacturing operations that make products that range from golf balls.” To spaceships “Begins the business scene.

This page shows “Companies in selected industries with 1500 or more employees”.

Steve Cichon writes on Buffalo’s pop culture history for BN Chronicles, has written six books and teaches English at Bishop Timon – St. Jude High School.


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