Bryson DeChambeau continues to embarrass himself with the latest trick to flaunt his historic driving route

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Golf Balls

There is nothing Bryson DeChambeau loves more than dropping bombs on the golf course.

Actually check that out.

The only thing DeChambeau loves more than striking bombs … is watching others stare at her in awe.

So the longtime American ventures outside of the PGA Tour for an event where he just has to bring his favorite club with him. DeChambeau will be competing in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship next month and he will either find much needed self-actualization or cut a big old slice of the humble cake.

Bryson DeChambeau continues to estranged himself from the PGA Tour and its fans

Bryson DeChambeau drives during the third round of THE NORTHERN TRUST at Liberty National Golf Club | Sarah Stier / Getty Images

DeChambeau was never the biggest fan favorite on the PGA Tour, but his public image plummeted to career lows in 2021. His never-ending beef with Brooks Koepka, targeted criticism of his own sponsors and irritating antics on the golf course have made the 27-year-old one of the most unpopular golfers on the tour.

In addition, his caddy recently quit the night before a tournament in order to break away from the “very intense relationship” between the two.

Ever since DeChambeau decided to go all-in to become the longest rider in PGA Tour history, it seems like that’s all he really cares about. Of course, we know his main goal is to win tournaments, and that’s why he started building mass and accelerating in the first place – but his obsession with distance has hurt other parts of his game and has cost him some valuable allies on the tour.

DeChambeau seems to be losing more and more fans every day, and his newest venture is not going to help win them back.

DeChambeau takes part in the World Endurance Championship

DeChambeau has been the longest rider on the PGA Tour for two years, but he’s always wanted to compete against the world’s biggest bombers.

Well, he finally has his chance to do just that.

On Monday, DeChambeau announced that he would be competing in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship in Mesquite, Nevada, next month.

“This is an amazing opportunity to grow the game and the sport in general,” DeChambeau wrote on Instagram. “I want to show the world how incredibly talented and hardworking these athletes are. I’ve worked hard to get my game up to speed so I have a chance, but I will continue to play my best golf with my regular job. “

Given that professional long drivers can smash golf balls over 450 yards, DeChambeau stands little chance of beating that field. But it should definitely be an entertaining watch.

The problematic timing raises questions

Golf fans would normally not care if DeChambeau wanted to use his spare time to embarrass themselves from the world’s longest drivers, but the date of the competition already raises questions. The championship event starts on September 27th, just two days after the last session of the Ryder Cup 2021.

Will DeChambeau be able to focus on his commitment to the US team when his dream competition is less than 48 hours away?

“It won’t distract my attention from the Ryder Cup,” he told this week. “I am fully committed to the Ryder Cup and it is very important to me. I’ve dreamed of representing Team USA since I was a child. It’s something I really think about. I want to help bring the trophy home this year, and like I said, I wouldn’t do something like this if I didn’t really believe it would make me a better golfer. “

We’ll see how that all plays out, but when DeChambeau struggles in the Ryder Cup next month and then puts on a show in the Long Drive Championship, fans will be wondering what his priorities are.

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