Community celebrates the opening of the new Natchez Trace Pro Shop

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Golf Balls

SALTILLO, miss. (WTVA) – A community and many golfers celebrated the opening of a new Pro Shop at the Natchez Trace Golf Club.

Owners of the Whiskey Barrel Golf Company cut the ribbon to the new facility on Friday.

The renovations began during the pandemic. The original pro shop was built almost 60 years ago.

“The members out here have been very supportive,” said Dale Boudreaux, co-owner of the Whiskey Barrel Golf Company. “They were really excited to see some merchandise in the Pro Shop that they could proudly wear with the club’s name on it.”

Boudreaux also said the new pro shop is stocked with golf balls, accessories, gloves, tees and more.

He said the pro shop facelift was necessary to keep the long-running golf club modern and up to date.