Edwalton Golf Center is celebrating its 40th birthday

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Golf Balls

Golfers gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Edwalton Golf Center on Sunday and braved the elements for a special round at the venue.

Nottinghamshire Deputy Lieutenant Mick Burrows, like his predecessor Lord Lieutenant Franklin, tied off in 1981 to celebrate the milestone and start a special 18-hole charity competition sponsored by the Edwalton Golf Club Committee, Rushcliffe Borough Council and partners Glendale Golf was hosted.

The course in Edwalton was designed by the renowned international golf course architect Frank Pennink, who designed the Vilamoura in Portugal and Noordwijk in Holland, among others, which are considered to be some of the best in the world.

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The competition and other activities supported worthy charities as 64 players and 15 teams competed in test weather conditions under the supervision of the club’s captain, Peter Standring.

In the shotgun launch, all players started at the same time, with all participants taking about four hours to complete the course.

After the points had been counted, the winners were announced and the prizes were presented.

These included:

  • Mark Burns – 1NS Price. Putter – Odyssey White Hot OG 7 and a trophy.
  • Phil Bailey – 2nd Price. Rushcliffe Golf Club one round for four players.
  • Trevor Jones – 3approx Price. Radcliffe at Trent Golf Club a round for four players.
  • Team winners – Ryan Elliott, Stephen Gel, Kieran Allan, Charles Standring. Sherwood Forest Golf Club one round for four players.
  • Chris Lager – Longest drive handicap 0 to 20. Box of 333 x 12 golf balls.
  • Craig Richardson – Longest drive handicap over 20. Box of 333 x 12 golf balls.
  • Steve Spitzmüller – Closest to the pen on the 8thNS Hole. Lessons with golf pro Chris Lager.
  • Carwyn Smith – Closest to the pen on 7thNS Hole. Lessons from golf pro Danny Bursztyn.
  • Phil Bailey – Closest to the pen on the 14thNS Hole. Free month of golf at Edwalton Golf Center.

The celebration also included raffles and activities in support of breast and prostate cancer charities that raised over £ 280.