Golfer and son hit balls 1,200 miles to raise money for more defibrillators

Golfer and son hit balls 1,200 miles to raise money for more defibrillators

Golfer David Sullivan has real drive and hits a ball 1,200 miles from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

The roofer raises money to buy more defibrillators after losing four friends to cardiac arrest.

He knows firsthand how the vital gadgets can save lives after he used it to revive a man who collapsed at his club.

David, 58, and son Freddie, 21, run up to 30 miles a day along the famous route while hitting rubber golf balls.

They estimate it will take 300,000 shots.

So far they have lost 287 balls.

The father and son camp overnight teaching CPR techniques to people on the go.

David estimates it would take 300,000 shots to complete the challenge

David, who is raising money for the British Heart Foundation, said, “I have a little pain in my arm, but the response has been brilliant.”

In 2018, he performed 17 minutes of CPR on a player who collapsed at Hever Golf Club, Kent.

David Sullivan

David camps with his son every night during the challenge

The man survived after David and another golfer delivered two shocks with the club’s defibrillator.

David from Oxted, Surrey said, “It was only thanks to my training and a defibrillator nearby that he made it. That was the greatest feeling and it makes you realize how precious life is.

“Now I want to make sure that others have this knowledge.”

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