Indiana fans strip in protest as the Hoosiers stalk Rutgers at home

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Golf Balls

Derek Peterson | 1 day ago

Crowds at college football games do strange things. Some throw golf balls. Some boos. Some start the wave. Some clap to popular songs in a fancy way. Some call for a different quarterback.

There are many ways to let the people on the field know what the people in the stands are thinking. Apparently in Indiana they are undressing.

A section of Indiana fans saw the Hoosiers drop heavily against the well-known Big Ten juggernaut, Rutgers, and began to undress in protest against another game that the 2-7 Hoosiers lost.

The movement began with just a few brave people.

Indiana fans undress in protest against Rutgers

– PFF College (@PFF_College) November 13, 2021

But while these things tend to do, it grew and grew.


– PFF College (@PFF_College) November 13, 2021

It doesn’t matter that the temperature in Bloomington is below 40 degrees. If they can brave the football they saw on the pitch this year, they can brave all the elements.

It’s a movement

– PFF College (@PFF_College) November 13, 2021

The competition between the Scarlet Knights (4-5) and Hoosiers will be broadcast on BTN.