Local golfer achieves top 10 placement at world tournament | Sports

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Golf Balls

After five years in the sport, Maci Williams of Brusly Middle has established herself as one of the best young female golfers in the world and has the results to prove it.

Williams (11) finished ninth at the US Kids Golf World Championship in Pinehurst, North Carolina in late July.

Williams’ top 10 finish was out of a field of 150. She qualified for the tournament thanks to a runner-up finish at the Copperhead Classic in Florida in January. The season started with 10,000 11-year-olds and the field was reduced to 150 thanks to several qualifying tournaments by the time the World Cup.

“It was cool to meet new people from places I didn’t even know existed and just have the opportunity to be there,” said Williams.

Williams has competed since she was six years old, but her interest in golf dates back nine years to when she was a toddler.

“My father was on the Westside when I was two years old,” Williams recalls. “He hit his golf swing and I sat in my Dora chair clapping for him.

“I was inspired by my father,” she added. “He was always out hitting the net in the back yard and I said to try and I just loved taking golf shots. I just loved doing it every day. “

Maci’s father, Brent Williams, started playing golf in his sophomore year of high school after an injury ended his baseball career.

“I worked shifts when she was born,” he said. “I’ve been traveling a lot so I started bringing her when she was two years old and she liked it and stuck with it.”

Maci’s first competition at the age of six did not go as hoped.

On a local tour in Louisiana, Williams finished 36 over par and shot a 72 through nine holes.

“Best of all, on the way home I said you wanted to do it again?” Said Brent Williams. “She said yes, when is the next one? I thought that’s all we came here for. Many golf balls have been hit since then. “

Maci Williams recovered from this performance a year later in the same tournament and even reached par, a difference of 36 strokes in one year.

“She got a taste of that first tournament early on and the next one a month later was a 55 and then she saw that she was working,” said Brent Williams. “I think she saw what happened when she wasn’t working and then she saw what happened when she was working. I think she noticed for herself that I’m really good at it and if I work hard I can really take it with me wherever I go. “

Maci said her father was the biggest influence on her love of sports, but she’s also a fan of Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, and Lexi Thompson.

Although Williams just started sixth grade last week, he has received letters from LSU. She said her goal is to help start a golf program at Brusly High.

“Most of her best friends are from people we met while golfing,” said Brent Williams. “She wants to build something in Brusly. She wants to stay here. We talked about going to U-High and she’s how I want to do it here. “

Maci will compete in the Gulf Coast Invitational in Diamondhead, Mississippi, on September 4th and 5th.