Rainy Day Activities To Prepare For Father’s Day

by | Jun 11, 2022 | Golf Balls

Father’s Day is coming up, and one of the best things about Father’s Day (other than celebrating dad and everything he does for the family), is that it lands in June. This means that the weather is usually perfect. It is a great chance for dad and the kids to get outside and play. They can take a day trip to the beach, or a local museum, or they can even just go outside and play catch. Later, dad can do one of his favorite activities, which is to throw some meat on the BBQ for dinner.

The only problem is that the weather is notorious for being unpredictable, and this means that it could be a day full of rain and storms. Since it is in June, there is still the chance that it could be a rainy day and then plans seem to be ruined. This is why it is always a good idea to have some backup ideas for the big day. Mom should be preparing some indoor Father’s Day activities, and to make it easier, we have 10 of them.

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10 Dad Treasure Hunt

Children Reading A Clue For A Scavenger Hunt via Unsplash / Annie Spratt

Every dad has a bit of “kid” left inside them, and they are always up for a fun game or scavenger hunt. According to Naples News, a treasure hunt can be a perfect Father’s Day rainy day activity. The kids can leave little trinkets, toys, or notes around the house, and give him clues on where he can find them.

9 Painting

If dad wants to release his inner creativity, a good painting activity can go a long way. According to All Pro Dad, this could be a great activity for younger children who are not able to take part in more complex activities. Finger painting could be fun, and all mom needs is a long piece of paper and some washable paint, and you can make your very own Father’s Day poster.

8 Puzzles/Board Games

via moms.com

Puzzles can sometimes seem like a long-forgotten hobby, but they can be calming and can help everyone work together. Board games are also a great idea for family bonding, as long as everyone can keep competitiveness to a minimum.

7 Make Some Home Videos

Via On Blast Blog

Making home videos is not only fun, but it creates memories that can last a lifetime. Tell dad you have a surprise, and then send him away for a while. Don’t worry, he will be happy when he comes back. Now, take some time to make videos. Everyone can film themselves talking about what they love about their dad, or they can do some fun dad trivia. Everyone will have a lot of laughs when they start to watch it all back.

6 Indoor Bowling Alley

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The perfect activity may depend on what dad likes and what his interests are. If dad loves bowling, but you don’t have any on hand, you can make your own quite easily. You can use water bottles, with just a bit of sand/water at the bottom. Line them up, and find a lightweight ball that everyone can roll down the “lane.”

5 Indoor Golf

Credit: Crello

If bowling isn’t his thing, but golf is, this is another easy game to pull off inside. All you will need are some cups, plastic or glass, and you want to lay them down on the ground. You may want to tape them so that they are secure, and you can take turns hitting golf balls into the cups. Make sure everyone knows that they are not at the range, so they don’t need to hit them too hard.

4 Marble Run To The Next Level

According to Parent Map, children love marble run toys, and dads love to be inventive, so why not create an enhanced marble run? You can use hot wheel tracks, and get creative with books, pots and/or pans to make it even bigger. You will have to experiment to see what works best, but this is something that is going to take a lot of time and be really fun.

3 Build Something

Credit: iStock

Woodworking is another hobby that a lot of dads have, and this may be the perfect excuse for everyone to head out to the garage and build something together. This could be a birdhouse, a new mailbox, or even a sled. Dad can teach his children some skills, and everyone can feel like they worked together to accomplish something.

2 Indoor Camping

mom and daughters indoor camping

Dads love to camp and be outside. If it is raining, you can take the camp inside. Clear the living room and set up the tent right in the middle – there are no rules. Make sure you try and make it as similar to camping as possible, this would be even easier if you have a fireplace. You can make s’mores, share stories and sing some songs.

1 If All Else Fails

bare feet in puddles Via: Pexels: NoelleOtto

If you have not planned anything, or no one wants to do any of your fun activities, then you could always still go outside. As long as it is safe, there is really no reason why the family can’t go out and pretend the world is their own water park. Release the kid inside and jump in puddles, ride bikes and even make “rain angels” together.

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