Recreational Sports: Briggs Sends Williams Fishing To Support The Elks Golf League Pennant Ride | Recreational sports

  Recreational Sports: Briggs Sends Williams Fishing To Support The Elks Golf League Pennant Ride |  Recreational sports

Great strategy from Tommy Briggs.

He sent Bob Williams on a fishing trip and brought in Skinner to help the team hold first place in the Ogdensburg Elks Golf League at St. Lawrence State Park. Skinner shot a 41 to add to Tommy’s 44, and they took six points from Chubby and Crotch.

Lurking close in the fight for chicken wings: George Beaulieu / Jeff Smith, followed by Merrill Bresett / Bob McGrath and Jaime Alsonso / Travis Bell.

Jaime played a season best 36 and credits Barry and Rose with daily swing coaching for their contribution. The always humble Jaime noted, however, that he had to drop last season’s swing coach, Butch, because he spent the entire lap encouraging him to change his swing to get it off the center of the fairway and closer to areas keep where golf balls could be found.

Supersub Jimmy Adams was the only other golfer to hit 40 and wants other golfers to know that his services are available for the mere price of two Bud Lite Limes (or Coors Edge) per round.

Vern Williams broke his funk and shot the season’s top 44, which was probably the lowest net for the week, but the league doesn’t track those stats.

Art Connor and Chris Clegg continue to show the importance of playing in the middle of the fairway as no one has lost a ball in multiple seasons. Breezy is waiting in the wings but will have to adjust to pin placements if he is to score a goal. Speaking of pin placements, George said he placed the pins in the center of the green but the overall standings didn’t improve.

To quote George, “I’m in the wine business, not the wine business”.

Mitelche must play and see where he places the pins and tea boxes on Thursday to appreciate his work. He also suggested that golfers vacuum him up and work on keeping the ball in the parking lot.

It should be noted that after watching Millsy tee off at number two, Tommer bought Scratchy a hard hat for Father’s Day. Scotty continues to try to look after his partner, but to no avail as he says, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

Speaking of Father’s Day, the league has father / son combinations in Ben / Bob Matthews, Bob / Scotty Williams, and Ed / Mark Charlton. Halfway through the league is getting closer and for July 7th we will have a captain and team format.

Bob Williams – Tom Briggs 38, George-Jeff 36.52, Merrill-Bob 34.5, Jaime-Travis 34.5, Ed-Mark 34, Fox-Pink 32.5, Spike-Ed 32.5, Bob-Ben 32.5, Scotty-Millsy 32.5, Coz-Tommer 32.5, Ralph-Carl 31.5, Breezy-Doc 31, Mel-Butch 31, John-Steve 31, Tom-Jerry 29, Tebo-Taylor 28, 5, Pete-Clegg 28.5, Vern-Gary 28, Chubby-Crotch 28, Todd-Jim 27.5, Paul-Doug 26.5, Kreg-Herg 26.5, Art-Wally 25.54.5, JB -Rick 24.5, Tim-Tom 23, Scott-Dale 28.5.

Low gross: Jaime Alonso 36, Jimmy Adams 39.

Low network: Vern Williams 44

Closest to the pin: Steve Garrabrant

High team points: Vern Williams / GaryWilson 8.5 by Todd McKee / Aaron Charlton

Birdies: Chubby Woods (1), Henry Lago (5), Jaime Alonso (9) and Steve Garrabrant (9)

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