Rife RX5 distance ball review

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Golf Balls

In this Rife RX5 Distance Ball Test, we put it through its paces during a round of golf at West Byfleet Golf Club to assess its performance

Product overview

Overall rating:

Rife RX5 distance ball


  • Keeps the promise of additional speed and distance, convinces with durability and thus a good price-performance ratio.


  • Lack of control around the greens requires some adjustments.


Rife RX5 distance ball



Price as rated:

£ 14.99 (per dozen)

Clubhouse golf

Rife RX5 distance ball review

For many golfers, finding the perfect golf ball involves a few extra yards from the tee, especially when first starting out on the game. The Rife RX5 Distance Ball definitely offers this at a very good price-performance ratio.

Rife RX5 distance

The two-part construction of the RX5 Distance is the key to both of these fronts. The ionomer shell and high energy core offer a simple construction and a firm feel on the face. This feeling was definitely noticeable compared to premium models, but a strong ball flight with a lot of roll was also clearly visible and thus provided the promised extra distance.

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In terms of durability, we managed to hold the same ball over 18 holes and at the end of the round, despite several visits to the trees, we couldn’t find any significant wear or scratches.

Rife RX5 distance

The only downside was to be expected and that was the control around the greens. It was noticeably more difficult to stop on the putting surface. So if you are used to having great feel and reliable spin from your golf ball, this is where you need to adjust.

There was evidence of some control on the second ricochet, which was more noticeable on full wedge strokes, but it certainly felt less reliable than we were used to. Once on the green, the ‘Distance’ logo with arrows on the side of the ball proved helpful for putting up putts.

Rife RX5 distance

If you are new to golf or are having difficulty holding the same ball for more than a few holes then the RX5 Distance Ball is ideal for you. It offers one of the best value for money currently, while offering a solid, reliable construction that achieves the extra speed and distance that the brand promises.


An ideal ball for beginners and game improvers who find it difficult to tee off and who do not attach great importance to control of the green, but rather pay attention to the price.