Roommates look forward to the week at Natchez, the Natchez Golf Classic at the Beau Pre Country Club – Mississippi’s best community newspaper

Roommates look forward to the week at Natchez, the Natchez Golf Classic at the Beau Pre Country Club - Mississippi's best community newspaper

NATCHEZ – Roommates Gretta Isabella Voelker and Jacquelyn Eleey chipped golf balls on Monday afternoon after a training session at the Beau Pré Country Club. You play in the Natchez Golf Classic with the Women’s All Pro Tour.

Players are competing in the Women’s All Pro Tour, two steps below the LPGA Tour, to be promoted to the Symetra Tour, Voelker said. She and Eleey arrived in Natchez yesterday and got used to the tournament with two rounds of practice, she said.

“It was good. I played nine holes yesterday and nine holes today,” said Volker. “It’s a nice course with pretty hard greens. That’ll be interesting. I’m looking forward to playing this week.”

At the start of the tournament, Greta is in seventh place on the Race to Stage II rankings. Before her first round on Tuesday, she wants to practice and rest. Listening to music allows her to focus and hear every genre that ranges from rap to country to hip-hop and pop, she said.

Voelker is a graduate of the University of Texas and comes from Witten, Germany. She is playing at WAPT in her first year. Eleey is a graduate of Georgetown University and is from Quincy, Massachusetts. She is playing on the WAPT in her third year.

They live together in a condominium in Orlando, Florida. As friends, they can support each other through the ups and downs of a qualifying tour. At the start of the tournament, Eleey said she didn’t score well but felt confident ahead of Tuesday’s round.

“My mind is in a good point,” said Eleey. “You will have good days and bad. You have to try to keep a good perspective. We have a lot of fun on tour. When you play a bad round, you take 20 minutes to get over it and then we eat together. We have a lot of fun out here. (Greta and I) play a lot together. We will be competitive, but we will also support each other. “

Before this tournament, the tour made stops in Paris, Texas, Texarkana, Arkansas and Hot Springs, Arkansas. Summertime in the southern states is different from summertime in Witten, said Voelker.

“It’s hot everywhere we play. It’s differently hot in Natchez, ”said Voelker. “It’s damp here and there’s not much wind. In Germany we have all four seasons. It gets hot there, but not like that. “

Her home course, the ChampionsGate Golf Course in Orlando, Florida, prepares golfers for the heat and humidity, Eleey said.

Beau Pre’s course was in good shape, Eleey said before a thunderstorm rolled through the area on Monday afternoon. The greens rolled solidly and if the players could keep their ball in play they should have a fun week, she said.

Volker said they have fun when they are not playing because they visit so many places. In Hot Springs she said she could visit the spa houses there. Her inn in Natchez is cool, she said. Eleey lives in the same house as Greta.

“We live in a house off Main Street,” said Eleey. “It’s just beautiful and has character. I believe the house was built in 1907. I’m looking forward to a great week in Natchez. “

Golfers tee off from 8 a.m. on the first round. Entry is free and public. The tournament ends on Friday with an expected tournament cash of $ 50,000, with $ 9,000 going to the winner.


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