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by | Nov 1, 2021 | Golf Balls

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Srixon Distance Ball Rating

Let’s start with the obvious: this ball is for those who need help carrying the ball around.

True, even savvy players sometimes want more distance, but switching to a distance ball is usually not the solution.

For better players, especially those who demand a superior feel, this ball is unlikely to be suitable.

Using distance balls can be a bit of a stigma – it’s like you shouldn’t need one, and that’s an admission that you lack the strength!

This really is a bit of nonsense, as most devices are designed to help in one way or another – whether it’s the most forgiving drivers, the most forgiving putters, or the distance golf balls.

Put simply, we all want to play better golf, and any equipment that can help us get lower scores is good for us.

How have the Srixon Distance golf balls performed on the course?

Well, there is nothing to complain about that these balls are long – that was certainly noticeable when you tee off.

Srixon distance golf ball

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As an 18 handicapper (on a good day) with a moderate swing speed, my best strokes started a fraction higher and with greater penetration – which was about 15 yards more distance.

No matter what level you play at, this is a significant win and meant that I didn’t hit as many longer irons into the green on my second stroke.

Given that this is a shot that medium to high handicaps struggle with, it’s no wonder people are trying to use distance golf balls.

It was also encouraging to see that the ball holds its line in the wind and therefore doesn’t bend and lose important meters.

What can put off golfers from such a ball, however, is the feel of the game.

Distance balls can often feel like a stone on impact, although this was not the case with this Srixon model.

That said, there is still a degree of compromise because when it came to playing finer shots on the greens it didn’t feel quite as easy to control – less “grippy”.

This may not be a problem for beginners and high handicap players, and over time you may be able to adjust if you know how much reaction you are going to get from the ball.

Srixon distance

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However, if you are improving quickly and you feel like you can hit the ball consistently well on the greens, consider a higher quality Srixon ball that will give you more control and allow you to be more aggressive.

After all, this ball may not be high on the list when it comes to priority, but it stands out how durable this ball was.

If you’re prone to the occasional failure, as many medium-to-high handicap players will be, they don’t seem to rub as easily.

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