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Survivor is a fun game to watch, but not always so fun to play. Participants are stuck on an island for at least three days (39 days for the last three), eating very little, sleeping outside, suffering from the elements and taking part in extreme physical challenges, among other things.

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Fortunately, there are rewards everywhere to keep them going. Some of the rewards on Survivor are terrible, but some are definitely worth playing for, and Redditors all agree that they would feel great after spending over 30 days on a hot island.

10 Sean’s father

Sean from Survivor wears a rear-facing blue hat

Many things from the first season of Survivor seem primitive today – including the rewards. For one, candidate Sean Kenniff was able to see his father, who had traveled all the way to Borneo to visit his son.

As Reddit user BigPoppaPuff writes, “I still remember being surprised when they surprised Sean with his dad on the yacht during season one. How obviously nothing special about that since Loved Ones pop up every season, but too In time and in time it was totally unexpected. That moment probably felt like the greatest reward of all time. ” Fans agree that there is no greater reward than visiting a loved one.

9 Shane’s cigarette

Shane makes a funny face on Survivor

Shane Powers is one of Exile Island’s most memorable contestants – and one of the messiest to ever play Survivor. For those who don’t remember, Shane was extremely hostile and aggressive for much of the season, which he attributed to a sudden nicotine withdrawal (he’d given up the cold turkey before coming to the island).

As a reward, Shane’s tribe visited a local Panamanian village and managed to get hold of a cigarette from one of the locals. As Sue-yee writes, “The Cigarette Shane Got From The Islander” is one of the greatest rewards in the show’s history.

8th Shaolin temple

Todd Herzog Survivor China

Survivor: China made expert use of its surroundings, and that included a visit to the famous and historic Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin Temple, built in the fifth century, is located in Dengfeng and is known as the home of Chan Buddhism. On the night of 27 the reward was a visit to this temple.

As Reddit user arctos889 writes: “Visiting the Shaolin Temple is a one-time reward.” This, combined with the fact that they are on Survivor at all, was certainly a once in a lifetime experience for those involved.

7th The yacht

One of the rewards at All Stars was a nice trip on a yacht. This reward is especially memorable because of what happens on it. As selected by Dunkinbagels, “The Yacht in All Stars Kathy Rode with Chapera” was the top reward on the show.

This is further elaborated by JesusChrissy, who writes: “That moment when Rob hits golf balls off the yacht and his club slips and flies into the sea is one of the funniest BRob moments.” Boston Rob is a fan-favorite survivor contestant, and that’s because of silly moments like this one.

6th Swim with whale sharks

Swim with a whale shark in Survivor

When most people think of survivor rewards, they likely think of delicious food. But Survivor is also about showing its participants a good time, and that includes the “tourist” stuff. As one Reddit user says, “I keep thinking about Malcolm swimming with whale sharks. How great would that be?[?]”

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PageofSteel agrees and writes, “This is what I’ve been looking for. Along with his appearance on Survivor, Malcolm seems to have ticked a few things off his bucket list.

5 Hot air balloon ride

Survivor Africa

Survivor is unlikely to ever return to Africa, both because of their seemingly permanent home in Fiji, and because the hot and dry climate of Africa had a devastating impact on attendees. But it makes for a beautiful backdrop.

Reddit user mgusedom writes: “Big Tom and Lex have a hot air balloon ride over the savannah, a meal with lots of alcohol, and an overnight stay (all on Jeff’s credit card!)” This is also a personal favorite of PrettySneaky71. who writes: “Personally, I do not think that you have ever exceeded this reward.”

4th Jellyfish Lake

Another unique event is swimming with glowing jellyfish. As Reddit user Sue-yee writes: “Once in a lifetime a jellyfish lake in Palau and Micronesia.” It’s funny because the Palau reward is also one of the worst rewards in survivor history.

Swimming with jellyfish is of course amazing and memorable, but the rewards also included Mai Tais and Pringles. It was extracted from the starving Ulong tribe, and the last thing they probably wanted was alcohol and salty chips.

3 Goat trade

Walking with a goat through a village in Survivor Africa

While Survivor: Africa wasn’t exactly well received, it has some memorable rewards. As Dummtyon Parade writes, “What about when you had to go into this village and trade the goat? That was pretty gross.”

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That opinion is echoed and eloquently criticized by PrettySneaky71, who says, “In terms of emotional impact, I love the reward when Ethan and Lex go to the village to swap the goats. Perhaps not as glamorous as some of the other rewards in later seasons . But I mean what a great opportunity to authentically interact with the locals and their culture. “

2 Withdrawal of the governor

People grilling in Survivor

Tocantins is fondly remembered for giving the fandom to Coach Wade. That and JT’s impeccable victory. However, it also hosts an amazing reward for attending the Governor’s Retreat.

As Reddit user ianisms10 writes, “The governor’s retreat in Tocantins. The food looked amazing and they got to stay in a mansion.” Delicious food and sleep in everything that is not a bamboo hut is exactly what the soul needs after 30 days on a remote island.

1 Volcano expedition

Chris and Twila smile

Many Reddit fans love the expedition-style rewards – probably because they make watching TV more entertaining. Eating a hamburger after eating nothing but rice and beans has to be heavenly, but it’s not the most exciting prospect.

As Disi22 writes, the best rewards “are those that give you a unique experience, like the Vanuatu Volcano Expedition [sic]. “Vanuatu is not an all-time popular season, but there’s no denying that this trip looked spectacular.

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