That was Brainerd – June 27th

That was Brainerd - June 27th

20 years ago (2001)

Waterfront owners in the county may see stricter regulations on how they place docks. Some docks have been placed at an angle that extends them beyond the property line. Some people who do not own property have built docks. Ed Larsen, chairman of the district board, says people need to start using their common sense.

30 years ago (1991)

District Executive Chairman Steve Sievek received 195 letters yesterday to District Attorney Jack Graham asking him to resign. All were form letters dated March 19, 1991. Auditor Roy Luukkonen did not know who delivered them, but Citizens Organized for Law and Order sent an unsigned cover letter.

40 years ago (1981)

Harold Gillespie, CEO of Brainerd State Hospital, has felt a lot of “agony” lately. A week ago he was ordered to lay off 25 employees. This was the first time for a group discharge; before it had only been one or two at a time. The hospital has lost residents, which means it is overstaffed and the state has cut funding.

60 years ago (1961)

Brainerd’s Braves are back in the thick of the Great Central race, taking a 6-1 win at Nisswa and a 19-3 triumph at CI for a 7-2 record. Only Little Falls leads them 7-1 and the two teams will meet in a grudge match next Sunday. Brainerd got two homers from Dale Brown and Roger Adair in each of the two victories.

80 years ago (1941)

Last night’s 13-year-old hero is Arnold Swanson, whose family lives near Lum Park. Miss Anna Berg, also 13 years old, was pushed from the pier in Lum Park into 15 feet of water and was unable to swim. Swanson dived in and rescued her when she went under for the second time. Today she only suffers from a slight headache.

100 years ago (1921)

Golf club fans went to the Brainerd Country Club over the weekend. The grass has been cut but it is still too high until a normal motorized lawn mower is used. The grass needs to be cut much shorter than it is now to prevent the loss of many golf balls.



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