The best ways for a high handicap golfer to invest in their game

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Michael Hunt, top 100 teachers

October 7, 2021

If you spend in the right places, you can reach your full potential.

In golf, as in real estate, one always strives for a better neighborhood. There are many things that go into advancement – also known as improving your handicap – and one of them is money. The stereotype that you can’t buy a better game? Nonsense. Spend wisely and you will be ready to climb the leaderboard this season. I’ve created three master plans – based on skill – for a budget of $ 5,000 so you can think clearly about how to use your golf money more wisely on the fairways and in the pro shop. First, here are the best ways for a high handicap golfer to invest in their game.

The best ways for a high handicap golfer to invest in their game

$ 200 Per Hour Instructor, 20-Hour Package: $ 3,000 *

– Work on the basics, create a routine
– Develop a game plan and an exercise plan
– Emphasize the basics of the short game: chipping, pitching, bunker game
– On-course sessions to improve strategic understanding
* Many professionals, like me, offer package discounts to dedicated students

A golf ball, golf glove, and golf tee sit on a pile of US dollars

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Four dozen Srixon Q-Star Tour Yellow golf balls: $ 100

A good ball at a good price – and easier to find in the rough.

Putter fitting and putter: $ 460

Minimize three-putts with a custom-fit flat stick.

Sun Mountain Speed ​​Cart GX Handcart: $ 250

Running the distance more is a great way to improve fitness and focus.

Sun EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror: $ 60

Better stroke is the fastest way to shave strokes.

Linksoul Gear: $ 232 (Printed Anza polo, $ 78; Desert Stripe polo, $ 78; Boardwalker shorts, $ 76)

Take a look at the role and you could just start playing the role.

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Linksoul 4-way stretch boardwalker

$ 65

These soft, light, mottled Boardwalker shorts with 6 pockets are made of a brand new material made of polyester, elastane and cotton. Two front and two back pockets are lined with mesh pockets, while small accessory pockets are located below the front waist and on the back left leg.

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Theragun Mini: $ 199

Accelerates muscle recovery after hitting all of these balls.

Zen Golf, by Dr. Joseph Parent: $ 19

Helps people with high handicaps deal with their foozles and shanks.

Topgolf Platinum Club Membership: $ 100 (monthly)

Pints, pizza, and practice for you and a friend. Sharpening your game should be fun!

Joey D Golf Fitness Live Virtual Training: $ 200

Great place to start optimizing your body for golf.

True Knit II golf shoes: $ 140

You’re extending your golf lessons, so let’s make ourselves comfortable.

True Linkswear True Knit II

$ 140

The True Knit II offers lightweight construction, a sock-fitting feel and exceptional breathability for all-day comfort. These tipless sneaker golf shoes are versatile for warmer days on the links or for everyday use.

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Sticks: $ 200

More speed means more distance. This training aid will increase both.

GOLF x Ahead Bucket Hat: $ 40

Extra sun protection … and maybe a bowl of soup for free?

Total: $ 5,000

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