This golf enthusiastic dog will turn your bad tees into charity

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Golf Balls


Sean Zak

November 19, 2021

Davos the dog on the day he gave $ 1,000 to a local humane society.

If it were that easy to find golf balls, entire corners of the golf industry would collapse. There wouldn’t be a renovated ball shop. The maintenance staff would not have to meticulously trim the course margins. And well, Davos has to look for a new hobby.

Fortunately, it is not easy to find golf balls. You know that. The world’s strongest eyesight is only as good at tracking the white dimpled arrows hundreds of meters away. However, Davos seems to be doing better than anyone or anything we’ve come across.

Davos is a mountain puppy from Minnesota Bern who, together with its owner Al Cooper, specializes in finding golf balls. The duo were featured by the local CBS News subsidiary this week when the discovery of hundreds of golf balls resulted in a generous donation to the local humane society. But first here’s the business plan.

Davos and Cooper spend their time walking around the edge of a nearby course, sniffing through the fescue and digging up the small valuable possessions that we play this game with. Davos picks them up with his snout and even throws them into the storage bin on the back of Cooper’s golf cart. It has become a dog’s favorite pastime – or so it seems! – and a valued activity for Cooper too. According to the news story, Cooper was battling cancer when Davos entered his life. Since then, they have been an inseparable duo.

“I call him my rescue dog,” Cooper told WCCO. “Because, in a way, he saved me.”

Your work will help save other puppies as well. Collecting, cleaning, and reselling all of these golf balls has grown into a Cooper family sidegig that resulted in the local Give to the Max Day on Thursday, when Davos handed out a check for $ 1,000 to humane society. That’s right, a dog who can find golf balls better than you and does all for a good cause.

You can watch the full video (with a lot more Davos) right here.

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