‘Too Bad It’s Not Golf’: Paige Spiranac Took a Cryptic Dig at Golfers After Novak Djokovic’s Infamous 2020 US Open Disqualification

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Golf Balls

Paige Spiranac has become a golf sensation on the internet. However, with an ever-growing fanbase, the golfer has faced vile comments on each and every move of hers. From an episode at the 2020 Tennis U.S. Open, Spiranac once formed a funny narrative on golf, which drew the ire from fans online.


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Paige Spiranac comments on Novak Djokovic’s viral U.S. Open disqualification


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Following Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic’s disqualification from the 2020 U.S. Open, Paige Spiranac posted a cryptic tweet on the incident. The golf beauty spoke on how a similar incident in golf would be waved off with a signature memorabilia.

The tweet caused an uproar among both tennis and golf fans. Many debated that the action wouldn’t be condemned in golf, while others argued over related incidents in the past.

That’s a tennis ball , right? Christ, she went down more dramatic then the Titanic!

— Rando (@jimmysneck) September 7, 2020

The story goes that TW could aim so extremely well in his glory days that he hit a golf ball at someone he liked, landing it painlessly gently on her and then handed over a signed glove, with his phone number on it😳🤭🤪🤩🤫🤓😊

— Hanno van Koppen (@cowart01) September 7, 2020

Suck it up, its a a rubber ball. Looks like she was shot. Very unplayoff like. Boooooooo

— Ben Hogan (@BenHoga28746406) September 6, 2020

The late reaction from the blind man in this scene was always the funniest part to me. Sandler doesn’t make them like he used to.

— Spencer Giblin (@spencergiblin) September 7, 2020


If the ball he hit was part of a rally, then yes, but it wasn’t. If this was golf and you hit a ball into someone between one green and the next tee, I don’t think a signed glove would cover it.

— Mark Everson 🇬🇧🇺🇦 (@MarkAEverson) September 6, 2020

Some over reaction that was….. he didn’t shoot her, it was just a tennis ball ffs 😡

— Mireles Sanchez (@mireles1961) September 7, 2020

She better have her eyes checked. She’s a tennis judge at the US Open and she couldn’t get out of the way of a ball hit at 40% from 50 feet away.

— Hawkeye Jess 🇺🇸💯⛳️🏌️🏈🏀🚴‍♂️ (@DeebieBrother) September 7, 2020


However, the tweet re-ignited the raging debate on Djokovic’s disqualification. The 21-time Grand Slam champion was kicked out of the tournament for lack of sportsmanship. The cause? A misfortune during the match that caused mayhem.

On what grounds was Novak Djokovic disqualified?

For the unversed, Djokovic was contesting in round of 16 of the 2020 U.S. Open against Spaniard Pablo Carrena Busta. After conceding a minor lead in the first set, the Serbian failed to hold his disappointment together.

A gentle whip of the ball meant for the empty stands, struck a lineswoman, which provided enough reasoning to oust the former champion.


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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – AUGUST 31: Novak Djokovic of Serbia
celebrates after defeating Holger Vitus Nodskov Rune of Denmark during his Men’s Singles first round match on Day Two of the 2021 US Open at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on August 31, 2021 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

While the woman in question wasn’t hurt badly, tournament referee, Soeren Friemel decided to declare a default. He anticipated the case as breaching Section T of Article III, which hands officials to take matters into their own hands.

It meant the 3-time winner of the tournament was unable to add to his remarkable year, in which he won the Australian Open and was within touching distance of securing the French Open. While Djokovic was disappointed yet decided not to raise the issue further, it brought about thousands of reactions to become the focal point across the tournament.


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Among the sea of tweets, Paige Spiranac was engulfed in the proceedings at the Flushing Meadows. What was your reaction to the infamous incident? Let us know in the comments down below.

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