May 20, 2022
True Temper launches the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Mid Shaft at Farmers


Jonathan Wand

January 25, 2022

Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Mid produces higher peak height (10-15 feet) than the original.

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SAN DIEGO – The introduction of low-spin golf balls has made it easier for pros to chase extra distance in the driver. But what if you don’t want low launch and spin in the irons?

True Temper’s solution to the problem is a new Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Mid prototype design first revealed to players at the Farmers Insurance Open. (There are only 50 sets available for testing at the moment, along with a handful of 6-iron shafts for demos.)

“A lot of it was based on today’s ball design,” said True Temper tour manager Paul Loegering. “So the high head speed guy doesn’t want to sacrifice his high launch and low spin with the woods, so they have this gap in how we’re going to fix that.”

The tip area has been made more active on the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Mid.

Jonathan Wall/GOLF

This isn’t the first time True Temper has created a high-launch product. Elevate Tour was designed to produce similar launch characteristics, but the lighter overall weight made it difficult to get into the hands of pros.

“The easiest way to improve launch is to take the weight off the shaft,” said Don Brown, True Temper’s VP of marketing and innovation, “but at 120 grams, most people here will say it’s too is easy.”

Instead of removing the weight from the shaft, the midsection has been reinforced and the taper rate changed in the tip area for a higher launch. According to Brown, at the same weight (130 grams) as the original Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100, golfers will see approximately 10 to 15 feet of additional tip height.

The True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shaft is currently used by Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas.

What is the difference between True Temper Dynamic Gold and Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts?

Jonathan Wand

“It’s incremental, more launch and more spin, but you couple those two things together and the ball goes up in the air and lands steeper,” Brown said.

True Temper spent the last year developing the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Mid X100, going through five different prototypes before arriving at the version being shown to pros – a number that may seem easy until you realize the effort that went into the creation of a single steel prototype is invested.

“Five different versions doesn’t seem like a lot,” Brown said. “But think of it this way: if you’re talking about a graphite shaft, you can make a version in a couple of days and it’s done. A steel prototype takes six weeks from start to finish. So for these five it is half the year.”

The Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Mid X100 is a tour-only product at the moment, but depending on how it performs on tour, there’s a chance it could go on sale later this year.

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