Use this gadget to teach yourself to roll pure putts every round

Use this gadget to teach yourself to roll pure putts every round


Zephyr Melton

June 25, 2021

This gadget will help you roll it like a pro.

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If you create too much sidespin on your putts, you will struggle all over the green no matter how far you are from the hole (and even if your read is perfect). Rolling your putts on top of each other is a recipe for making more birdies, and Eyeline Golf’s two-tone MyRoll golf balls are an easy way to do just that.

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MyRoll 2-colored golf ball

$ 20

Take a good hit and the center line will roll straight and true. Use the red Impact Ball Line to keep your focus on hitting the back of the ball directly. An open or closed putter surface causes the center line to wobble.

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How do you use it? Set up the golf ball so that the red line is pointing towards the hole and there are contrasting colors on either side of it. Hit putts and when the colors start to blend you know the putter face isn’t square. If the colors remain separate on the ball, the ball will roll end over end with minimal sidespin and sliding.

These balls are not designed for court use, so keep them in your pocket and hit a few putts to easily calibrate your shot before your round. editor

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