Warwickshire golfers can practice their skills on the same simulator used by Rory McIlroy

Warwickshire golfers can practice their skills on the same simulator used by Rory McIlroy

On the tee. Shane Williams of Warwickshire Golf Sim.Photo by Mark Williamson W19 / 21/9186. (48236787)

A NEW company was launched in Stratford last week offering golfers the opportunity to improve their game with high-tech simulators.

Warwickshire Golf Sim was founded by married couple Shane and Beth Williams with the goal of bringing golfers of all abilities to the game they love all year round.

They have two simulators installed at the Stratford Technology Park site, each costing £ 55,000. The machines not only provide a detailed analysis of the player’s swing, but also give golfers the opportunity to test themselves on the most famous and challenging courses in the world.

The high-tech tee mat even adapts to inclines and declines.

“The Sims we have have been voted number one Sims in the world for the past five years,” Shane told the Herald. “There aren’t a lot of them in the UK – there are a few in the south, but we’re the first to have this guy up here.”

Last week some golf pros used the machines to examine their undercut.

“It’ll take in every single fine detail – it’s really impressive,” added Shane, who runs a telecommunications company with his wife.

Golf balls are hit on a high impact screen, with each shot captured by a camera that predicts exactly where the ball would have landed on the course you choose.

“It gives you live data on the screen that tells you exactly how far and how to hit it and where to hit it in your racket,” Shane explained.

“You can practice, you can improve your iron game or distance, or you can play some of the greatest golf courses in the world, so we can play Pebble Beach, you can play courses in Japan, China, America and the UK. It is the most realistic version to play this course without having to travel all the way to the course. “

Shane said the simulators also give everyone from seasoned golfers to beginners a chance to practice their skills before hitting a course.

“The people who use them go from your high-end pro – Rory McIlroy has one and trains with it – to my eight year old boy who picked up a golf club for the first time last week. He can hit a golf ball without searching where it has gone and can really practice his skills.

“The beauty of it is that you can’t go wrong, even if it’s your first time picking up a golf club.”

In addition to the simulators, which are each housed in private, air-conditioned suites, the Warwickshire Golf Sim has a bar with Sky Sports.

The suites can be booked by individual golfers, a group of friends, families or companies.

And, as Shane points out, it can be used even when the UK weather is at its worst.



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