What does a major champion bring to tournaments? Padraig Harrington shows us

  What does a major champion bring to tournaments?  Padraig Harrington shows us


Josh Berhow

July 1, 2021

Padraig Harrington had a short drive to this week’s event.


Padraig Harrington is still a highly competitive golfer even at 49 – T4 at the PGA Championship! – and will be captain of the European Ryder Cup team this fall in Whistling Straits, Wisconsin. He’s a great Twitter follower too, but if you follow him on Twitter you already know it.

This week Harrington has a home game. The Irish Open started on Thursday and since they are held at the Mount Juliet Golf & Spa Hotel in Thomastown, County Kilkenny, he says the drive is only about an hour for him.

Before leaving for the tournament, he gave his Twitter family a behind-the-scenes look at what he was packing.

“When you have a home event and go there, you tend to overpack,” says Harringston. We will judge that.

So what’s in a great Champs Ride?

For starters, golf clubs. You need them. Then the obligatory utensils such as suitcases and travel bags, shoes, compression soles, golf balls and shirts with collars. What else? Harrington, always a handicraftsman, said he had some recovery tools and he brought a whole bag of other goodies too. His wife even threw in some baked goods. There’s more to see in the video below. But he didn’t bring one thing? Wilson.

“Poor Wilson can’t go,” said Harrington. “He’s a little disappointed with all of this. He tries to get into the back of the car. Unfortunately no dogs allowed, otherwise I would bring him with me. And that was it. Hopefully I hadn’t forgotten anything, but we’ll wait and see. “

Josh Berhow

Golf.com editor

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