Where you can try golf risk-free

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Golf Balls

GolfRoots is a company founded by recent college graduate Benjamin Stromberg. GolfRoots sells new and used golf clubs at a significantly lower price than most online and in-store retailers. Stromberg’s goal was to make the sport easily accessible to all population groups and budgets.

GolfRoots launched in January 2021 and the company prides itself on having the most affordable starter kit on the market. The Just The Roots Starter Kit allows buyers to try the sport for a very affordable price of $ 30. This starter set contains 5 clubs, 5 used golf balls and a 15-minute virtual golf lesson. If you fall in love with the sport, GolfRoots will give you back $ 20 for your full purchase to use on their website.

Picture of GolfRoots founder Benjamin Stromberg from college. (GolfRoots)

Just months before graduating from Texas A&M University, Stromberg knew he had an entrepreneurial spirit. Stromberg wanted to sell affordable clubs and sets to young professionals and novice golfers, but also wanted to be able to connect with instructors at an affordable price for a proper introduction to the game. The Just The Roots starter set is the perfect gift for anyone interested in sports without the expensive use of brand new equipment.

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