Wilson Women’s Duo Soft+ Ball Review

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Golf Balls

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Wilson Women’s Duo Soft+ Ball Review

With claims that this is the world’s longest and softest two-piece ball it had a lot to live up to. Many soft distance balls are naturally among the best golf balls for women, so what made these different?

Sporting the Velociticor core, these balls are said to offer even more distance. With an extremely low compression of 35, it is the lowest compression of any soft balls out there. This is vital if you swing the driver under 95mph as it helps to keep spin down and increase carry distance. Swing it faster and you may see your distances suffer with your longer clubs so perhaps look at a slightly higher compression ball like the Titleist Tour Soft 2022 ball.

I’ve always been one to tap the ball on my teeth (cue my dentist fainting) to feel how much of a rock-like feel I’m going to get from a two-piece ball. But this has a gentle give to it and I felt this when chipping around the green. The outer layer does mark up quickly, which is something to bear in mind. 

Wilson Duo Soft+ Ball is a great option for a golfer with a slower swing speed

(Image credit: Tom Miles)

For the money you pay for these balls the all-round performance isn’t half bad. I’ve used them during playing lessons to get some feedback from pupils. Many of the men I coach really like these balls as they have slower swing speeds. Yet would they purchase a ball marketed at ladies? I’m not so sure.

The flight was high and mighty with the driver and towering with the irons. Around the green, I noticed the initial launch on chip shots and pitch shots was higher than the premium golf ball I was used to playing with, which is where some of the stopping power comes from. The Women’s Duo Soft+ didn’t check up quickly like a Titleist Pro V1 or TaylorMade TP5, but there’s an element of grab if you strike it cleanly before gently releasing out.

It’s important to use the same type of ball as this is one way to improve your feel and distance control around the greens. This is a fairly cost effective way to do that. At £21.99 a dozen they’re great value. I’d recommend this as a ball for higher handicappers and perhaps those craving a bit more feel around the greens. Pair this ball with the new D9 Women’s irons from Wilson and you’re onto a winning combination.

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