Windows smashed and cars written off in hail the size of golf balls in the pound village

Windows smashed and cars written off in hail the size of golf balls in the pound village

Car windows were smashed and property damaged when hail the size of golf balls struck a village in Leicestershire on Tuesday night.

The national heat wave was abruptly interrupted at Kibworth Beauchamp as thunder, rain and snow pelted down.

In just half an hour, about 45 mm of rain fell, basements flooded and suburban streets turned into raging rivers.

“The kids played in the paddling pool with their friends for a minute and it was lovely and hot,” said one resident, Katie Jaffar. “In the next minute, huge blobs of rain started to rain and then it turned to hail – huge lumps of it thundered.”

The weight of the downpour struck through a skylight in her mother’s house, she added; while their two family cars had been written off. “It was just so scary how quickly it happened and the damage it did,” added the journalist.

Another resident, Matt Sibson, reported that after being lashed for 30 minutes, his vehicle had 45 separate dents from around 6:15 p.m. “Every car in the village is damaged,” noted the historian on Twitter. “Every single one.”

Similar minor storms occurred in Norfolk – where one resident described the hail as broad beans – as well as in Essex and Kent.

But the extreme storms only brought a short break from the intense heat this week, which is now set to last for the rest of the week.

According to forecasters, temperatures in parts of the country could soar to 33 ° C before Friday.

Amber warnings of extreme heat were issued by the Met Office over the next few days for parts of Wales, all of South West England and significant parts of South and Central England.

Meteorologist Marco Petagna said: “Temperatures will likely peak at around 32 ° C and even reach 33 ° C in isolated locations in southern England, which is very warm for many.

“Even in the cooler areas, temperatures will be in your twenties, while there could be some thunderstorms elsewhere.”


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