100 Hole Hike Comes To Midland To Raising Money For Youngsters On Track | Sports

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Golf Clubs

A need for funds to enable children ages 8-18 to play golf for $ 5 per round will result in eight adults running 100 holes in one day at the Midland Country Club in two weeks.

The Youth on Course program gives young golfers access to a network of golf courses across the country at a reduced cost. However, to make up for the cost lost to clubs in the reduced rounds, the program accepts donations from golf foundations and organizations across the country. This year, the Carolinas Golf Association is running three 100-hole walks in Midland, the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, and the Eagle Point Golf Club in Wilmington with a goal of $ 100,000.

The goal is almost within target on Wednesday.

“It’s a fun way to raise awareness and raise funds for a great program called Youth on Course,” said Braxton McLennan, development director for the Carolinas Golf Association. “It’s good to have one in Pinehurst with our headquarters in Southern Pines. This is the first time we’ve done several. For the past two years we’ve done one in Quail Hollow. “

Eight golfers will begin by daylight in the early hours of November 2nd to complete 11 rounds plus one more hole around the nine-hole course on Midland Road. The participants of the day are: Chris Wolff, Chris Zeh, Hunter Miller, David Horne, Scott Danals, Justin Ivy, Alec Lloyd and Robbie Zalzneck.

Local golf has seen a boom and that has resulted in the juniors playing more.

“During COVID, the number of players and members we have has exploded,” McLennan said.

The Carolinas Golf Association has a total of 15 hikers who are collecting cash and attention for their marathon golf days on the three North Carolina courses. Youth on Course was accepted by the CGA four years ago, McLennan said.

There were 100-hole walks nationally to fund the growing program that started 15 years ago and now gives its 130,000+ members access to 1,700+ golf courses nationally.

“Young on Course made several hikes through the country on short courses in the past year. They did Tiger’s new play The Hay at Pebble Beach; they took the short course at the Olympic Club; they did The Cradle, ”said McLennan. “So, I was trying to get piggybacking on what they were doing so I figured we wouldn’t have to do any on an 18-hole score.”

Harold Varner III is a National Ambassador for Youth on Course, funded by the HV3 Foundation, and recently visited the North Carolina Country Club to discuss his foundation’s efforts and the club’s creation to raise funds for Youth on Course.