A golf club to his head didn’t keep Gilbert Burns away from UFC 264

A golf club to his head didn't keep Gilbert Burns away from UFC 264

Gilbert Burns’ recent win over Stephen Thompson may not be the best of his career, but Durinho was incredibly happy to have the chance to fight at all.

Just a week before this month’s UFC 264 co-main event, Burns was hit directly on the head by a golf club and admitted he feared it might cost him the fight.

“I got a cut on my head a week before the fight,” Burns recently told MMA Junkie. “My son played golf. He fucking threw the golf club on my head. “

If you’re wondering what kind of madness is going on in the Burns household, the UFC’s top welterweight contender explains that things are not quite as crazy as they may seem. But in the final days of his training camp, Burns was planning a laid-back family outing that suddenly got a bit scary.

“I’ve just finished my strength and conditioning training, and at my strength and conditioning center, IHP, they train a lot of golfers so they have the clubs, they have things in them, and I already had family plans to go golfing at Night, ”explained Burns. “My son never plays. I said, “Hey Pedro,” my elder, “Come here. I’ll show you how to do it. ‘

“I’m not a professional, but I know how to play a bit and then I showed him, ‘This is the club. Look how you hold it He said, “I know, Daddy. I know. Seek.’ I said ‘OK’ and pulled back. I backed away. I was very far from him, but he was swinging like a fucking baseball bat and turning and that shit got on my head and pow! I just thought ‘man’ and I just prayed, ‘I hope it doesn’t bleed. Hopefully it doesn’t bleed. ‘ Just look – there was blood everywhere. “

Burns had to get staples in his head just a week after UFC 264, which took place on July 10th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. He says he actually kept his hair a little longer for the fight than he usually does to cover up the damage.

Fortunately, cut didn’t matter much in the competition, and Burns won unanimously to stay at the top of the UFC 170-pound division. In the future, however, the Brazilian grappling ace may have to find another family pastime.

“Both of my sons are crazy,” joked Burns. “You have a lot of energy.”

To see the full interview with Burns, watch the video below.

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