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Roanoke, Va., October 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Ballyhack Golf Club, a private club of the Dormie Network, received the National Golf Course Owners Association’s 2021 Mid-Atlantic Sustainability Award at the Trump National Annual Meeting of the Trade Association Washington DC October 21.

The Sustainability Award, the most recent of the NGCOA Innovation Awards, recognizes an innovation and leadership club that incorporates sustainability and environmental stewardship into operating practices.

“Our goal is to naturally grow the healthiest lawn we can,” said Steven Ball, Ballyhack Director of Agronomy, who helped create the 2021 state Best Management Practices Manual for Virginia Golf Courses.

Ball’s lean water management philosophy ensures a firm and fast course and saves water and electricity at the same time. Irrigation is sparse, the course is instead based on hand watering, point watering and three wells all over the property. The location of the course presents unique agronomic challenges: its location in the Blue Ridge Mountains directly above Smith Mountain Lake requires careful monitoring of the runoff of pesticides, which is facilitated by the low use of fescue and limited water consumption.

Lester George’s design features heights of 50-70 feet and fairways up to 150 yards wide, though it is the often-forgotten native areas that are mentioned in relation to this award. About 80 acres of native grasses, a mix of fine fescue and small blue trunks that frame the square, receive special attention that requires very little attention. Half of the area is mowed twice a year, the other only once a year. The herd of the Club of 10 African Boer Goats helps, often in isolation in certain areas, to eat unwanted growth.

“This trend towards sustainable cultural practices within the Dormie Network and golf in general is making for a better experience for the golfer,” said Ball. “At Ballyhack, it is important to us to be good stewards of our land and the land around us and thus offer a healthy gateway for leisure. “

About Ballyhack and Dormie Network Ballyhack Golf Club, the number 5 private golf course in Virginia as named by Golf Digest, is a 190-acre design by Lester George in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ballyhack is part of the Dormie Network, a national network of private golf clubs. Membership in the Dormie Network includes access to and full membership privileges in every club: ArborLinks in Nebraska City, Nebraska; Dormie Club near Pinehurst, North Carolina; Ballyhack Golf Club in Roanoke, Virginia; Victoria National Golf Club in Newburgh, Indiana; Hidden Creek Golf Club in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey; and Briggs Ranch Golf Club in San Antonio, Texas. Each offers a premier golfing experience in a relaxing and inviting environment, ideal for both business and leisure travelers. Learn more at


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