BMW Golf Cup World Final starts tomorrow at Jumeirah Golf Estates

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Golf Clubs

Ayhan Olcer, CEO of BMW AGMC.
Photo credit: Supplied

Since the BMW Golf Cup World Final is to begin tomorrow at Jumeirah Golf Estates, we sat down for a discussion with Ayhan Olcer, CEO of BMW AGMC based here in Dubai and for the area of ​​Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

GOLF NEWS: First tell us about yourself: how long have you been in the region, what is your history at BMW – and do you play golf?

Ayhan: I’ve been with BMW for over 20 memorable years, with the last four being based in the United Arab Emirates. With so many beautiful golf courses in this country, it was inevitable that one day I would start learning to golf and that is where I am now.

GN: BMW is linked to golf tournaments through title sponsorship and the provision of replacement vehicles and much more. Can you tell us something about BMW AGMC’s golf commitment in the region?

Ayhan: Dubai truly has a number of fantastic world-class golf courses that professionals and amateurs alike love to play, and the city is now arguably considered the modern epicenter of the golf world. AGMC has been fortunate to sponsor some of the largest tournaments in the area, such as the season end DP World Tour Championship at Jumeirah Golf Estates, which we have supported for over 10 years. The Dubai Desert Classic and Dubai Moonlight Classic, both of which take place at the Emirates Golf Club, are extremely popular events that we are also happy to sponsor. In addition, AGMC organizes an annual BMW Golf Cup tournament especially for BMW owners and the Rolls-Royce Pro-Am for Rolls-Royce customers. We also sponsor various golf clubs in the United Arab Emirates including the Emirates Golf Club, Montgomerie Golf Club and Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club. As this list shows you, I have a feeling that AGMC is really connected to golf in this region.

GN: Why do you think BMW and Golf have such a synergy?

Ayhan: BMW and Golf have enjoyed a close and successful relationship for decades, not least because many BMW owners are also big golf fans. I think it just fits together because BMW is a leading brand, just like golf is a top-notch sport and the pursuit of excellence and precision is something they both have in common. In addition, in our BMW Golfsport Collection we produce a range of highly technical and stylish golf clothing that combines precision and function.

GN: Why is the BMW AGMC investing in golf?

Ayhan: We are not only partner of the most important golf event, the Ryder Cup, but also tour partner of the European Tour. Our passion for golf is evident in Dubai, a hub for all types of major sporting events, where AGMC continues to promote this vision. Golf is a global sport played by millions of people and that’s why I feel like it really shares our global vision.

GN: The BMW Golf Cup World Final is coming to Dubai next week. What can you tell us about this tournament?

Ayhan: The BMW Golf Cup has been held since 1995 and we are really proud of that. It is the largest international amateur tournament in the world, with around 100,000 golfers from around 50 countries fighting for the world finals, which will take place in Dubai this year. AGMC is very fortunate that BMW is bringing this prestigious final to Dubai next week at Jumeirah Golf Estates and, with the support of Dubai Tourism, make it a Dubai calendar event – it should be a great one.

GN: Thank you Ayhan for your time and good luck with your golf.