Controversial golf toilet ban after backlash

by | Oct 3, 2021 | Golf Clubs

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews (pictured right) revered the decision to ban access to indoor toilets in golf and tennis clubs. (Getty Images)

the The Victorian government has reversed its decision to ban access to indoor toilets on golf and tennis courts after violent backlash.

Earlier this week, the Victorian government lifted a ban on recreational golf and tennis, a move welcomed by tens of thousands across the state.

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However, restrictive policies have banned access to all indoor areas of clubs, including toilets.

This prompted quick backlash after asking guests where they would go to the bathroom.

However, according to The Age, the state government reversed its decision on Sunday to allow customers to use toilets both indoors and outdoors.

Visitors must sign in with a QR code and the facilities must be cleaned twice a day.

Gold and tennis fans enjoyed the news, which was hailed as “common sense”.

Victorian government backlash to golf toilet ban

In response to the ban on toilets on 3AW radio earlier this week, Royal Melbourne Golf Club captain Andrew Kirby said it was a “joke” and a “human rights violation”.

“I know the guys can do number one in the trees, but there are a lot of women playing,” he said.

“We’ve been through this opening and closing and opening so many times that you might think they’d understand a little better.

“To be honest, I think the problem I’m seeing is too much micro-regulation of it.”

“Maybe there was wrong communication or something was misinterpreted, but we have staff there, we have a lot of women who play, we have people with illnesses – they have to use the toilets.

“It’s just a little disappointing to have the opening after yesterday’s excitement.”

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