COVID-safe golfing | Blue Mountains Gazette

  COVID-safe golfing |  Blue Mountains Gazette

While many businesses are struggling to survive during the lockdown, golf is thriving in the mountains.

Golf NSW has been advised that golf is considered a sport and can continue if the club has and adheres to its COVID-19 safety plan.

With the introduction of a number of additional precautions, golf is a safe and healthy training option. The clubhouses in Springwood, Wentworth Falls, Leura and Blackheath are closed, but their courses are open for training.

Outdoor activity: David Marcer trains on the 10th fairway at Wentworth Falls Country Club.

While golf clubs across the country struggled with rising costs and changes in family social activities, and people were working from home during last year’s extended lockdown, clubs in the mountains saw membership increases.

Coupled with the government’s COVID support, the clubs were given a brief respite from their struggle for survival. Looking for solutions, Leura Golf Club partnered with Fairmont and Blackheath invested in massive course improvements. Wentworth Falls is now pondering its own future by exploring the new uses of its land. If the pandemic can bring good news, it is that with the renewed interest in the game, these clubs have been given a possible lifeline.

Winter weather only adds to the charm. Blackheath President Ian Foulsham said: “Although the clubhouse is closed, we still play golf under strict conditions.”

Contact individual clubs for details on their game restrictions.


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