Gilbert Burns reveals that he headed a golf club before UFC 264

Gilbert Burns reveals that he headed a golf club before UFC 264

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We already knew Gilbert Burns was a tough guy, but the real extent of his strength seems to have been revealed in a recent interview with MMAJunkie.

Before going to the Octagon at UFC 264 and tearing Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson apart, Gilbert Burns put a golf club right on his head.

Burns reveals he headed a golf club prior to UFC 264

“I cut my head a week before the fight. My son played golf. He threw the golf club on my head!

I’ve just finished my strength and conditioning training, and at my strength and conditioning course, IHP, they train a lot of golfers, so they have the golf clubs. They have things in them, and I’ve had plans with the family to play golf at night.

My son never plays. I said, “Hey Pedro,” my elder, “Come here. I’ll show you how to do it. ‘ I’m not a professional, but I can play a little and then I showed him.

“Here is the club. Look how you hold it He said, “I know, Daddy. I know. Seek.’ I said ‘OK’ and pulled back. I backed away.

I was very far from him, but he swung like a fucking baseball bat and turned and that shit got on my head and pow! I just thought ‘man’ and I just prayed, ‘I hope it doesn’t bleed. Hopefully it doesn’t bleed. ‘ There was blood everywhere. “

Durinho shows no sign of sustaining such a crazy injury in combat, a unanimous decision victory that reflects his dominant performance. Burns actually needed staples in his head to close the cut, which resulted in him growing his hair longer than usual to cover the wound.

Burns is seeing some kind of resurgence after losing to Kamaru Usman earlier this year. Usman is currently at the helm of the welterweight division, killing all comers, but Gilbert Burns wants another chance at the title. He knows he has to work his way back up and performances like the one against Thompson, even with brackets, are just the thing for him.

Usman will face Colby Covington later this year, but Burns can take on whoever wins that fight. If he’s tough enough to fight with a hole in his head, Gilbert Burns could wear the welterweight belt in the future.

As for his sons, “Durinho” may have to find a different paragraph. “My two sons are crazy. You have a lot of energy. “Maybe you’re trying martial arts?

Is Gilbert Burns Stopping You From Golfing? Let us know in the comments.

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