Golf clubs help caddies | Golf news

  Golf clubs help caddies |  Golf news

BENGALURU: With the Garden City golf courses closed for nearly two months due to lockdown, caddies, most of them freelancers, have been hit hard. Since odd jobs are hard to come by, they struggle to get food on their plates. Most clubs have come to the rescue, however, to limit the damage caused by the pandemic. As in the previous year, the KGA, one of the top courses in the country with around 250 registered caddies, has supported itself with a daily allowance.
“For the first 15 days of the lockdown, we gave them a meal allowance of 250 rupees for bachelor caddies and 300 rupees for married people,” KGA secretary Prithvi Raj Urs told TOI. “After that, we realized it wasn’t going to be enough, so we increased it to Rs 300 and Rs 400 respectively.” The KGA official said the amount had been transferred to their accounts. Payment was made by June 7th and then by June 21st after the lockdown was extended for another two weeks.
“The amount is probably half of what we made on normal days, but that amount from the club has certainly helped us and our families weather the current crisis,” said one caddy.
The club even organized two free vaccination campaigns for the caddies and their families. “About 12 caddies were vaccinated just before the lockdown began, and we covered the rest of the caddies, staff and their families by the first week of June,” said Urs.
The KGA official also said a limited number of housekeeping and course staff have stayed on campus, working tirelessly to keep the course in pristine condition. The Bangalore Golf Club also supports its freelance caddies and coaches financially. “Almost 125 caddies and around 15 trainers received a meal allowance of 300 rupees per day for the entire duration of the lockdown,” said BGC Secretary Ravikumar Raju.
Over 300 people, including caddies and their staff, were captured as part of a BBMP vaccination campaign on the club’s premises, the official said. The Eagleton Golf Resort initiative, coordinated by leading pro S Chikkarangappa and some members, provided over 120 caddies and day laborers with groceries for more than a month last month.


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