GOLF – Inverclyde Open Results

GOLF - Inverclyde Open Results

September 4, 2021 | Sports

The WHINHILL Golf Club hosted the Inverclyde Golf Men’s Strokeplay Scratch and Handicap Open Competition in 2021.

Charles McDowell (Scratch) from Greenock Golf Club and David McFeeters (Handicap) from the host club were crowned winners.

The competition has been running since 1976 and is held in rotation in the four golf clubs of Inverclyde.

58 golfers competed on the course which was in great condition and many of the competitors said how good the greens are.

Inverclyde Golf would like to thank Whinhill Golf Club for organizing the event.

Scratch and Handicap Open Competition

Scratch area

  1. Charles McDowell (Greenock GC) 71
  2. Andrew Mallon (Whinhill GC) 72
  3. Frank McLellan (Whinhill GC) 73 (BIH) / John Donald (Whinhill GC) 73 (BIH)

Handicap section

  1. David McFeeters (Whinhill GC) 82-22 = 60
  2. John Cassidy (Whinhill GC) 79-14 = 65
  3. Brian Mallon (Whinhill GC) 77 – 11 = 66 (BIH) / Raymond Messenger (Whinhill GC) 77 – 11 = 66 (BIH)


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